Transformation with Malachite…

Malachite is a Stone of Wisdom, Strength and Growth. “Malachite amplifies both positive and negative energies. It grounds spiritual energies onto the planet. It is believed by some people that Malachite is still evolving and will be one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium.” Taken from Crystal Bible One by Judy… Read more »

The Truth About White Sage and Palo Santo

The Truth About White Sage and Palo Santo by Shae Windsong April 07, 2019 Recently there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about white sage and palo santo—the two most popular smudging tools. From what I’ve read online, the majority of arguments say white sage is endangered and it is culturally inappropriate to… Read more »


As we move through February, we are deeply immersed in the ideas and energies of human love. We’ve all seen the heart shaped merchandise and ads for other products and services available for people to express their love for one another. While joy can be found in these things and experiences, and with so many… Read more »

A Vibrational Concert…

The Story of All Things Created (Reads Like Poetry) Every Single Thing in This Universe and Beyond has a Purpose…that is why it has been created. We all have unique expressions, looks and ways we perform. Who is one to not notice this? What if we all look to see The Success of our outcomes… Read more »


Crystal Grid Picture from Lightworker’s Sanctuary includes Crystal Grid Cloth with The Seed of the Flower and Stones used: Center Astrophylite – Infuses the entire system with Celestial Light…Floods in so much light no darkness can remain. Tremolite – Accessing the Divine Mind. Pink Morganite – Brings through the Powerful Vibrations of Divine Love. Moonstone… Read more »

Pink Morganite

Pink Morganite is a stone for us to have in this New Year of 2019…The Holy Trinity! Morganite is attuned to the frequency of Divine Love. It opens the heart on a deeper level, making us aware of the huge ocean of cosmic love within which we all exist. It gives us the opportunity to… Read more »

Harmonic Balance by Brandon

As a Scorpio, this season feels like “home” to me so I am excited to share this week’s message! Let’s look back through 2018 – starting off with a pair of eclipses, a couple of retrogrades, add more retrogrades, and did I mention retrogrades? Don’t forget about the intense Lion’s Gate in August sandwiched between… Read more »

Higher Vibrations by Keola & Tamara Conner

Higher vibrations are coming in now, which is awakening people!  Awakening means becoming sensitive to your gifts.   But, not knowing how to control them can be overwhelming at times.  For others that have been on their path, theses higher vibrations are raising the deeper issues from their past. Feeling these emotional deeper issues forces us… Read more »