EMOTIONS by Robin Krauser

Father’s Day will soon be here and I have been reflecting on my recent visit back home.  I went to assist my family with my father who is 90 and is rather ill. During one of the daily visits with my father at the care facility, I saw my Dad open up and sob.  I… Read more »


Do you really know your true Authentic Self?… I bet not; but these energies will help us arrive into our Soul’s Truth! A Beautiful Stone that will help us with discovering more of our own TRUTH is Chrysocolla. This stone helps us show our vulnerable feelings. This is an absolute must to get to our true… Read more »

Harmonize Your Space with a Quartz Cluster…

Quartz Crystal Cluster for Harmonizing… We are ALL really opening up. No matter where you are on your path you are opening up to a higher awareness and consciousness. As we open up and begin to See and Feel things differently. It is important to constantly remind yourself that everyone else is too. We are… Read more »

Sincerity & Aquamarine

Ponder this word for a moment: SINCERITY It has come to attention that the vibration of true sincerity is widely missed within our giving… receiving… actions and healing with love. So I ask you this: Is every action you do done with sincerity? Or is it done because you just think you should do? Our… Read more »

Emotional Healing & Balance…plus a 3rd Poem!

3rd Poem 4/19/2018 led from the Many…I say led because that energy led the words but I was very much mixed in as well. Our Old Design is beginning to shatter and crumble… Please make sure you are safe. Our Old Design is beginning to Rumble… Where are you at in your space? We told… Read more »

Golden Healers & Orgone Energy…

We are in a shift of time and we have so much to restructure in our world for us to hold these higher frequencies of our new human form coming through. This will be accomplished over a long period of time…but we are integrating now. As our cells begin to awaken you will find you are more… Read more »

Another POEM…

Are you finished yet…Absolutely NOT! We have only just begun in this new amazing Elestial sun. We have only just begun… so rest & get ready!   Another Poem just came through 2/22/2018…   We passed this shift in time…             Do we require more rhyme? To figure this out             We have MUCH to explore. New Game             New… Read more »

YOU are so Special…

This Valentine’s Day make a point to put yourself in the vibrations of LOVE. Find that special something that makes your HEART really sing to the tune of Pure Joy & Happiness! It can be something as simple as a beautiful flower, bird’s singing or a smell of something sweet. Whatever it is spend time… Read more »

Clearing your Auric Field and Pendulums…

Take time to get to know you and your auric field. Your Aura Field Matters! So much is held in our Aura…emotions, ancestor karma, thoughts from you and others, and dark energies that when not taken care of can become very dense. If we do not learn to clean and clear our aura often then… Read more »

The Year of 2018 Numerology Report from Specialist Diane Wood

2018 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11/ 2 *UNIVERSAL YEAR *Universal Year is energy available for every person, group, business, government and country on planet earth. NOTE:  Every individual has their own Personal Year vibration in addition to the overall Universal Year theme The Year of 2018 – The Spiritual Messenger The… Read more »