Rose Quartz & Roses…

‘Love is like the fragrance of a flower… It demands nothing, it simply shares.’ ~Osho So how are you feeling these days? Are you mastering these love energies…heart openings? Well, as the heart opens we do experience some pain. More love comes through and it is our teacher. You will understand things clearer as time… Read more »

‘Ask Yourself’ by Brandon

Ask Yourself “You must love in such a way that the other person feels free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh Consider this quote for a few moments and then ask yourself this question: “Am I loving myself in a way that allows me to feel free?” When this question came to me I had to be honest with myself and the answer… Read more »

An eloquent message from our new Lightworker Brandon

In the past few weeks, we have felt the Winds of Change and have been asked to hold our Highest Vision of the “New” Earth we are currently creating. Those mighty winds have lifted us up into a new but unfamiliar energy and vibration which can be a bit disorienting! We may be finding this… Read more »

Hold your Highest Vision!

Last week we talked about the winds of change and now the Light has the upper hand. Get Ready, because the rest of this year will be a lot of earth shaking and eye opening events. You must remain strong in ‘your knowing’ and holding your highest vision. Much will come to the surface to… Read more »


The Winds of Change blew through this past week…We have NOW changed directions and the Light IS in charge!!!!!!!!!!! Take things at a steady pace and pay close attention to all your reactions. What are you not letting go of that you should? What dramas do you continue to play out that no longer serve? What have… Read more »

EMOTIONS by Robin Krauser

Father’s Day will soon be here and I have been reflecting on my recent visit back home.  I went to assist my family with my father who is 90 and is rather ill. During one of the daily visits with my father at the care facility, I saw my Dad open up and sob.  I… Read more »


Do you really know your true Authentic Self?… I bet not; but these energies will help us arrive into our Soul’s Truth! A Beautiful Stone that will help us with discovering more of our own TRUTH is Chrysocolla. This stone helps us show our vulnerable feelings. This is an absolute must to get to our true… Read more »

Harmonize Your Space with a Quartz Cluster…

Quartz Crystal Cluster for Harmonizing… We are ALL really opening up. No matter where you are on your path you are opening up to a higher awareness and consciousness. As we open up and begin to See and Feel things differently. It is important to constantly remind yourself that everyone else is too. We are… Read more »