A Message from Archangel Jophiel Channeled through Paula Baldock

Beloved ones,

Your world has been distorted. All that you are experiencing in the outer world is a man-made illusion. This has been happening for a very long time, for millenniums. However, now the time has come for this illusion to be dismantled. And it is through your inner knowing and wisdom that this will happen. The awareness of the I Am Presence has been a long-held secret, but this knowledge is now coming to the forefront in the minds of many people. Many will not think of this Presence as the “I AM Presence,” but they have an inner awareness that they are more than they’ve been led to believe. Many are awakening to their sovereignty through many different means. But the method is not important; what is important is this awareness.

There are dark forces in your world that wish to enslave humanity and that is becoming more and more evident to the masses. And as people become aware of this, they begin to rebel and refuse to yield to unjust laws and demands by their so-called leaders. And that is what will create change in this world.

Never before have you had access to so much knowledge as you do now. In an instant, you can find out what is happening anywhere in this world, so you can see that things are not as you are being told by your media. In fact, your media no longer shares truth. They are owned and controlled by these dark forces and are given scripts to read. There is no journalistic investigation in a search of facts/truth. They simply read from a script that is handed to them.

Yes, many people are still under the trance of these media reporters, but those numbers are diminishing with each passing day. People are looking elsewhere for answers. You are looking elsewhere for answers. You are looking within. You are questioning everything, and this is perfect. It is time to start questioning everything. It is time to look within for your answers. It is time to listen with your heart. Pay attention to how information makes you feel. Does it feel like truth? Or does it feel like a falsehood? It is so important that you let your heart be your guide now. That is where the truth resides, in your precious heart.

Be brave. Be strong. Dare to question. Dare to take a stand. So many simply follow the crowd and do what everyone else does, repeating the stories they have been told without ever questioning how they really feel about it. That is what has gotten you into this mess in the first place. It is time to stop following the crowd and be your own person, your own sovereign person. Become your I Am Presence walking on this earth. That is where your power lies. Find that connection to your I AM Presence and cultivate it. Connect with your I AM. Express as your I AM. Say the mantras with feeling and KNOW that it is done.

You came to Earth at this time because you are a great master of wisdom and you knew you could make a difference. You knew you could inspire change. And for that we congratulate you, because that is exactly what you are doing. Just by being You. You shine your light so bright that it shines around the world and touches every person’s heart. This is a fact, dear ones. You are all connected. When you step into your I AM, no lower energies can affect you. However, your light can and does have an effect on others. That is how you are changing this planet. By shining your light, by being your powerful I AM Presence in human form.

So, we say to you, make the effort, dear ones, to strengthen that connection until it is so powerful that you never again doubt yourself. Stand straight, stand tall, stand proud!

We love you beyond measure,


Paula channeled this message for her monthly class ‘It’s Time To Remember Who You Are’.