Trinity Table Experience

The Trinity Table offers an opportunity to journey into your higher spiritual plane. This is a passive motion table, created and hand-made by Jim Harmon of Rowena, Texas. As a sacred object, the Trinity Table is offering you the opportunity to raise your consciousness and connect with your Spirit Guides.

The Trinity Table is a passive motion table that rotates in a circular motion. It is designed to put the journeyer in a deep state of Alpha-Theta-Delta brain wave relaxation, quickly connecting you with the higher energy planes for personal transformation. The Trinity Table operates in conjunction with all cosmic Laws of the Universe, when used with your conscious intent, it serves to readily open you to your Divine source. In each journey, Spiritual Beings of Light focus energy and open a multi-dimensional connection with Universal Energy and Consciousness. In effect, a portal is created wherein unlimited possibilities exist for shifts to occur at all levels.

The Trinity Table is not a medical healing device; however, natural healing can be attained and normally accessed in only a few minutes during a deep state of being while on the table. This deep meditative state elevates and balances your energetic system. While some have experienced dreamlike or clairvoyant visions, past life review, and/or hear messages, others simply relax.

Gift yourself with the extraordinary experience of expanding your consciousness in line with this wondrous time of increased vibration and energy on Earth.

Trinity Table is going through Changes. Check back soon for information…Thank You!

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The Trinity Table was an amazing experience! My session started and within minutes, I was seeing many images flashing through. My experience was very similar to a quick slide show. Before I knew it, Berena was gently waking me to come out of the meditation. I had just finished my 30 minute meditation and it only seemed like a few minutes! Berena’s reading afterward was amazing and provided me with some great insights that I needed. I definitely recommend this experience. ~ B.G.

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