Ascension Pyramid

This Ascension Pyramid is a newer energy construction, holding the newly discovered Field of Neutrality.

Below is brief channeled information on the pyramid, as channeled by Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three.  The information is simply Brian Besco’s (the pyramids creator) limited transcriptions of questions answered.

      • Clearing, brings in light, steps all soul aspects higher.
      • Shifts all aspects out of duality reality.
      • With the space of neutrality, we step in and releasing traumas dramas and junk.  Which we must, to raise vibrations.
      • Surrender being able to step in knowing your soul is doing the work, whatever that work is for each person
      • Cannot step in with intent or will no longer be in neutrality.   Your Soul already knows what the intent is… Focusing on what intent is from your perspective will collapse the field.
      • Pure, infinite light
      • Space of neutrality is everything that we are and everything that will be.
      • Extremely high vibe, but in comfort.
      • Comes through the body as well your reality.
      • No thought no feelings just there
      • Being there, holding that space
      • Can hold someone in there with you holding the person in neutrality and simply allowing
      • After finding space of neutrality bring it into body again, hold it here for as long as you feel.
      • Everything and nothing.

Brenda and I have been using this field of Neutrality for over a month now, and it has created the most tangible shifts in my being that I have ever had.  It has cleared up issues I have had with soul aspects, and has created tangible changes in my daily being.  I have been more happy and content and less anxiety and stress, clearing aches and pains and any emotional reactions due to releasing work, as they present, and with quickness and ease.  Truly one of the most powerful fields we have ever played in, and has shifted all soul aspects as well.  Again, very tangible shifts have occurred while playing with this new field.  And it is transcending us out of the Duality Matrix to where the old world is simply fading from our reality.

The journey begins with becoming the Rainbow Torus of Light, which can be seen as a column of Light, which draws in all points of Light which you are…  these particles of Light are all aspects of your Soul’s Light.  Each speck, a piece of your Soul as it exists throughout all time and space.  These could be called Soul Aspects, seemingly autonomous aspects of our Soul, having their own existence…  just like the here and now you is simply one particle of your infinite light.

With this column of sparkly, rainbow light (you may see it different than this), You as the you here and now stand within this column.  The column is actually the center of a larger field around you, perhaps seen as a bubble, but it is a torus.  A toroidal field that draws in your Soul’s Light from all of Creation, aligning with you here and now.

Once we have created this space, we move our attention to the Space of Neutrality.  This is a space beyond the mind.  It is a high space that shifts realities.  It shifts the physical body, as well as the mental and emotional.  Even though it is such a high vibrational space, all comes with comfort and ease to all parts of you.  It takes you out of thinking.  The physical pain body disappears. You become more than you in the here and now, as it shifts your here and now.  It is all very individual, this space, as what happens here is determined by the Soul.

The Space of Neutrality is then brought into the space from earlier, which holds all that you are, shifting every aspect of You.  It is healing beyond comprehension, as old creation patterns are shifted.  Creation patterns based on duality and suffering, of light and dark, of positive and negative… transcending the entire concept of Duality, within this Space of Neutrality.  Your Soul knows this space.  It comes from here.

There is a process of going to the Quantum Mind to get to this Space of Neutrality, which we have simply held that space within the field of the Ascension Pyramid.  Once you have experienced this space, you can go back at any time.  It is a field that can be brought into the physical body and is also a space that you can use to hold others in the field for their higher transformations and transcendence.

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