Caribbean Calcite & ‘Sound of Freedom’

Caribbean Calcite will be an absolute soothing stone for us to work with as we enter times of releasing more disturbing energies and past traumas from ourselves and our collective consciousness.  Caribbean Calcite is a stone of spiritual awakening, transformation, and emotional understanding. This stone is a mix of two tranquil crystals, Blue Calcite & Blue Aragonite. Known as… Read more »


How about a Pure Spirit Crystal to help you through these times… Energy: Stalagmites: projective Element: Earth Magical lore: Stalactites, (which hangs from cave roofs) and Stalagmites (which project up from the floors of caverns) are produced by lime-rich water dripping into caves from above. Over eons, they produced masses of calcite familiar to anyone who has… Read more »

Cymatics Change and Smoky Quartz with Golden Rutile…

Here we are in the midst of the many predictions we have been told… The End of Times MADNESS! All we are required to do through this process is take Great Care of YOUR SELF! You ARE Transforming!!! You are transforming from one world design to another design. Someone came in this week and had… Read more »

Be Rock-Steady in 2023 by Paula Baldock

That is what I heard when I asked Spirit about 2023; “Be Rock-Steady.” Those three little words imply so much. As Lightworkers, we’ve had a lot of practice at remaining steadfast in our Faith and Trust these past few years. This year is going to continue to be more of the same, but I think… Read more »

Collect Consciousness & AFGHANITE…

Our Collect Consciousness Wants Us to Know It is time to reach a Higher Level. The work YOU do Is Much Important The Healing YOU do Is required. To Heal it takes Strength, Courage, and a Faithful Heart. Know that YOU are not alone YOU have much help BE Patient with this process Your process is… Read more »


METAMORPHOSIS What are we to do in these astounding times of many energies/dimensions at play?… We are here to be of Loving Service to one another. We have different levels of perception for a reason. Everyone has unique abilities. ALL are required otherwise you would not exist. We are going through a time of moving… Read more »

A Message from Archangel Jophiel Channeled through Paula Baldock

Beloved ones, Your world has been distorted. All that you are experiencing in the outer world is a man-made illusion. This has been happening for a very long time, for millenniums. However, now the time has come for this illusion to be dismantled. And it is through your inner knowing and wisdom that this will… Read more »


I, Jennifer, am going to explain (to the best of my human ability) the larger picture of Who You Are. With this deeper understanding coming into your awareness, you will start to expand, Energetically. Your energetics are HUGE. And as you grow in this awareness… AWARENESS HEALS! You have purposely designed yourself for this moment…. Read more »


In this recent time, much awareness has come that more people are ready to serve by leading others into higher vibrating frequencies of living.  The message to those of you ready to take those steps in being of greater service to others….  You are entering times of INITIATION from Spirit! Are You Ready? During the… Read more »