Andara Crystals – The Crystals of the Masters



Known as “The Crystals of the Masters,” Andara crystals are Multidimensional, Galactic, Elemental Beings from the Higher Dimensions. Andara means “Travel with the Light,” and these glass-looking crystals are super-magical and mega-powerful, carrying very high pure frequencies and galactic, celestial light codes to assist and trigger our Awakening and Ascension process – the Remembrance of Who We Truly Are.

Andaras are of unknown origin, thought by some to come from the earth, believed by others to be of extraterrestrial origin, cosmic, or falling out of the sky! This is because they can be found underneath the Earth, on the surface, or anywhere random, such as the beach, the woods, or by the sea. Andaras are not man-made, but the human ego mind will only see glass until one is ready to receive their high vibration. Andara Crystals Are Alive!

We brought them to this lower dimension through our Atlantis, Lemuria, other higher dimensional realms, the Crystal and Elemental Kingdoms and Sacred Temples. They emit Pure Love and Light and will flood One’s Soul Heart with Love, Peace, Wisdom, Divine Power and Joy.

An Andara Crystal will assist to purify and cleanse the Mind, Body and Soul, so you might encounter challenging feelings and memories surfacing from your inner shadows. This is so that the lower density false selves we created, all the illusions of Self and Reality within our consciousness, can be accepted, loved, forgiven, healed, integrated, and transformed back into the Light that you are, allowing your frequency to vibrate higher and higher. They will lovingly support and hold you when you go through this process.

Andaras can also open gateways and transport you to other Higher Timelines/Dimensions, triggering wonderful memories and sensations of your Higher Multidimensional Selves, for We Are Infinite, Eternal, and Unlimited.

Sometimes, Andaras that have not been in contact with other Beings or neglected will be dormant. Our source works with all the Andaras that come to her to awaken them and allow them to start transmitting their light codes to All. You can also awaken and be activated just by looking at an Andara picture or video if you are aligned energetically and vibrationally with it. You will feel and recognize each other, and you will receive the Light Codes they emanate.

Andaras are Multidimensional Beings and Pure Awareness just like us, so we connect with each other anytime, anywhere, in any dimension. They will also keep calling to you if they wish to be closer to you and if it is in your higher path to be their keeper, to work and co-create with Andaras. You will feel it in your Being and Body when you connect, when you have been activated and they desire to be close to you.

An Andara carries the codes and activations that are best aligned for you at the time. To be their keeper is a wonderful and humbling experience, for you and your Andara Star Family are the keepers and guardians for each other.

Andaras are truly beautiful and magical Beings just like we are, for they are an extension of us, and they help us to awaken to our Christed Self.

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