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A Message from Archangel Jophiel Channeled through Paula Baldock

Beloved ones, Your world has been distorted. All that you are experiencing in the outer world is a man-made illusion. This has been happening for a very long time, for millenniums. However, now the time has come for this illusion to be dismantled. And it is through your inner knowing and wisdom that this will… Read more »

A Message from Glacier of the Akashic Winged Ones…

We are sharing with you this week another message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling Glacier. My journey with Ascended Guides and channel has been nothing short of magical! When I began practicing receiving messages, a bright white unicorn named Glacier stepped forward to assist! I AM forever grateful! He is a Divine equine and… Read more »

A message from James, Lyran Lion of Light…

We are sharing with you this week a message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling James. This is a channel message from my beloved James, Lyran Lion of Light. He is an ascended spirit guide and fiercely loving friend! About two years ago I took Paula’s workshop class on Opening to Channel at The Lightworkers Sanctuary…. Read more »