A Message from Glacier of the Akashic Winged Ones…

We are sharing with you this week another message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling Glacier.

My journey with Ascended Guides and channel has been nothing short of magical! When I began practicing receiving messages, a bright white unicorn named Glacier stepped forward to assist! I AM forever grateful! He is a Divine equine and my highest guide to the Akashic Records. He also is a beloved partner in my journey to raise my vibration and soul growth. Unicorns are special entities of the purest vibration of Love and Joy and wish nothing more than to assist us to know the same in our lives with the gifts of inspiration and light. They exist with us in abundance now on Earth to guide, purify and bring joy into our lives. This is a very recent message from Glacier about how we may let divine energy braid into our lives to become the Highest Light.

Mark Millar


“I am stepping forward to speak to you about the intricate beauty of divine energy when you allow it to entwine into part of your becoming. In a very real sense, with it you are reshaping the fabric of who you are into new fashion.

In the simplest sense, this is like braiding your hair. Separate multiple strands cross and entwine to transform you into a practical and beautiful creation. Who you are. Your hair hasn’t changed, but the structure of it has with functional permanence until it is released. The creation is also malleable and fitting for your purpose, as the most intricate braids can be formed for beauty, or simpler designs just to get you through your day. So, it is with weaving divine energy always provided into your life.

The act of braiding your hair always happens with your allowance. You are the creator. You begin the process with allowing energy and thought, deciding if it right for the purpose and how it should be done. You may feel like what needs to become cannot be done without assistance. So, you may turn your hair to the able hands of another and ask for help- and in this act you both become co-creators of your becoming. Likewise in the end if you decide to wear the braids weaved is your decision. Re-creation or undoing is not beyond the realm of your ability by any means.

So thus, your becoming can be a solo-act of your own doing, or an orchestrated process of many with creative intent. It is your choice. We support your decisions always, but let me say this: We, your ascended guides wait for your word to help. We step forward with an advantage, in often knowing who you have been and are truly. We wish to help you through every creation of your allowing guiding your hands. So thus, you do not spend hours frustrated in front of a mirror with one part of you in one hand and another part of you in the other wondering how it all ties together for the highest possible outcome imagined! We know. We can guide your hands to show how the strands perfectly wrap tight- so no part of you seems misplaced at all.

What you are yet to become no one can predict, but there is no reason not to weave what you are already with staggering beauty; so that all that come into your light and behold what is braided into your being- know it is of the highest source. It’s our greatest wish- that you look upon the mirror and recognize your soul as we do with absolute love, and others look upon you are inspired by the same Light. So, they call upon YOU and say, “Look what you have created and have become- I desire it for myself! Teach me how you did this!”

So thus, in doing so you both carry braids spiraled in similar fashion and may feel akin in your divinely inspired resonance. Remember though, how energy braids together is unique to the individual because your energy IS uniquely your own. While the wisdom of crossing and passes is shared- The outcome is perfect for them as it is for you also, even if it seems quite different in result. Your becoming is your own, as the divine intends- and you all wear it so well. Love and Light!”

Glacier of the Akashic Winged Ones
Channeled through Mark Millar