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We are amid Global Transformation. Change of this measure affect us all! It is of great importance to take great care of yourself as we gain higher awareness and a higher consciousness. As you raise your individual vibration, you not only help yourself, but you also help this whole world. Do what is required to… Read more »

Planetary New Year and The Lion’s Gate Energies…

Monday, July 27, 2021 was the Planetary New Year and Paula Baldock facilitated a small ceremony at Lightworkers Sanctuary. The Planetary New Year along with the upcoming Lion’s Gate is a perfect time to envision what you wish to create in your life the next year and beyond. Below is a summary of the ceremony,… Read more »

A Message from Glacier of the Akashic Winged Ones…

We are sharing with you this week another message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling Glacier. My journey with Ascended Guides and channel has been nothing short of magical! When I began practicing receiving messages, a bright white unicorn named Glacier stepped forward to assist! I AM forever grateful! He is a Divine equine and… Read more »


Know this as a pivotal time of surrendering to your Higher Power to come through and help guide you through what is to come. We as a HUMAN RACE and as NATURE Itself… must KNOW THE TRUTH OF OUR EXISTENCE. We are to learn of our whole planet’s history. We have much to learn as… Read more »

A message from James, Lyran Lion of Light…

We are sharing with you this week a message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling James. This is a channel message from my beloved James, Lyran Lion of Light. He is an ascended spirit guide and fiercely loving friend! About two years ago I took Paula’s workshop class on Opening to Channel at The Lightworkers Sanctuary…. Read more »

The Sun has a message… & Sungazing Technique

THE SUN   April 5, 2021 Wake Up Sleepy Heads… WAKE UP! Look what I bring to YOU. Do You not notice what Nature Does for You? Have You forgotten what it is like to be Bright? Have You forgotten that we will never let you be deprived? You will Always Thrive as long as you… Read more »

3D or 5D Earth… Part One

Which Are YOU Living?! The time is NOW, for choosing what world frequency you are living in. You are required to Live that Frequency, BE that Frequency, not just some of the time but ALL of the time as ALL IS NOW. We have been shown this split for many years and the Time is… Read more »


We are at a pivotal time in Humanities Evolution. We are being pulled in many different emotional directions. It is important that we take great care of ourselves as we continue to move through this state of breakdown. Allow ourselves to detach fully from old world structures and work with new ideas until we get… Read more »

Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE

It is time to focus on Your Heart… FEELING IS AWAKENING TO GREAT LEVELS! Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE Use this Valentine’s Day to Honor Your Divinity Within… And the Divinity Within Others! This is a Unique Energetic Year as we move fully into 2021. This year is All About Honor and Respect of Divinity Itself…. Read more »