A message from James, Lyran Lion of Light…

We are sharing with you this week a message from Mark Millar… He is Channeling James.

This is a channel message from my beloved James, Lyran Lion of Light. He is an ascended spirit guide and fiercely loving friend! About two years ago I took Paula’s workshop class on Opening to Channel at The Lightworkers Sanctuary. I knew this was a gift I wanted to grow. I started receiving messages from James almost immediately and began my journey as a gifted channel. I AM grateful! Love and Light, I hope this resonates with you also.

Mark Millar

Greetings! Tribe! Circle, Prrrride of Light! It’s with great honor that my message is heard by you! Little Lions I love you so. I say that with the greatest affinity! Not because you are little at all, but like children look how I blink, and you have grown into who you ARRRE! Truly Lions of your own Light and not little in any way! We behold the display when you come together and shine your presence upon Earth and Beyond! You are the sweeping roar for humanity!

I wish to tell a story! This is perhaps an experience you have had, bear with me in this little tale- And here I go! –

You have someplace important to go and need your vehicle to get there. You race to your car and put in the key and it is DEAD. FURIOUSLY stuck in the spot it resides! Your heart cries out that this is most unfortunate. You may elicit choice words of anger against whatever truth has stuck your vehicle. It seemed to be moving perfectly before, and now some chaotic cause you must deal with is keeping you from going with it where you’re going.

An idea befalls you and in the deepest the fiber of your being from under the frustration you know an answer, (because you have seen this before) perhaps if you pushed your car it would get going. So you quickly jump out- get behind it with your lionesque muscle and begin to push. Your pure physical will, versus the entire weight of your vehicle! And try as you might it sometimes rocks, sometimes inches forward; but does not attain any sort of rolling momentum.

Now in your toil of enduring, seemingly fruitless heaving of your body against the stubbornness of your vehicle. You call upon friends. And you’re willing to take any help at this point. Because you ARE a GOOD SOUL in need, they come. They get behind the car and push with you. You question if even they’ll be enough, but now with one to the left and one to the right your muscles strain together, and you call out- “WE CAN DO THIS!”

And your will is FUELED. Not only by the sudden give of the car to roll forward under your seemingly joined effort, but HOPE and JOY fires in your heart that THIS IS RIGHT. With the car moving you can set forth your plan to get where you’re going!

So you leap out and run back to the driver’s seat. You sink the key into the ignition and crank hard, and the engine roars to life! It worked! In the rearview mirror you see your friends cheering. GO FORTH! And you ride into the sunset to do what you had originally set out. Maybe a bit late, maybe not as you intended, but you ARRRE!

That is the story! The end!

Now I tell you Little Lions. YOU were always YOU in this story. This is you and who you are. You know how to succeed because you’ve done this before. You WILL get to your destination. You hold that hope and knowledge in your heart because of who you are!

The KEY you placed into the ignition and cranked IS LOVE. It has all the power to fire the engine. You wield it. The vehicle answers to it by your action. It sometimes requires action, momentum, fuel, energy to do its job. Because you have wielded it so many times before, when you place the key in the ignition, crank, and the engine does not respond you know what to do to MAKE IT SO.

Your friendly co-car PUSHERS, they are the HIGHEST members of your SOUL TRIBE. They heed the call even when the battle seems impossible. They show up to support you because they know better and always are assured- you will find a way! They do not jeer when you drive off, because they know where you’re going. I might claim- I AM a master co-car pusher. Lighted mane and all! Call on me anytime to help unstuck anything sticking in your life!

Now… the vehicle itself. IT IS EARTH. You are the driver, the owner. Where it is going is your determination. It may be stubborn to move, heavy at times, furiously unwilling. We know. Yet deep down there is a love for her because of the many journeys you have partaken with her. Be patient and resilient as you always are. For with the knowledge you possess, the key in your hand, your uncompromising resolve to attain momentum. Even calling upon your co-car pushers to help, you fire her engine with love and journey off towards it- You will make it to your destination-


Little Lions nothing can stand in your way together, united. Love and Light upon all of your Journeys. May your paws tread the divine path, as do mine!

James – Lyran Lion of Light
Channeled through Mark Millar