I, Jennifer, am going to explain (to the best of my human ability) the larger picture of Who You Are. With this deeper understanding coming into your awareness, you will start to expand, Energetically. Your energetics are HUGE. And as you grow in this awareness… AWARENESS HEALS! You have purposely designed yourself for this moment. To Energetically Override the destruction, lies, manipulation and deceit that has been going on in this world for millions of years. Really! And this time that we are living in now has been known about by creator and the higher construction of energetics. You were created by Divine Design… Know This Now! OK… Now I will give you a story visual.

This is a HUGE Picture to put into words… Let us start here… Each of you are a Very Unique Design. You are so Unique that nothing else has your knowledge and perspectives. You even have a gift that is so Unique that nothing else in creation has that Unique Gift as that is your own. We are all created from Greatness, and we should remind ourselves of this often as we are going through this Extra-Ordinary Transformation!

At the time you chose to come into this Earth Drama’s Existence that is playing out now, you were at an extremely high vibration. This Earth Drama Plateau has been stuck in a lower vibrational mix of energies for longer than your human can imagine.

Source Creator asked if you would like a job of sorts. You said YES and were then shown where it was for you to go. Just so you know… You said Yes because of the LOVE YOU HAVE FOR LIFE and ALL OF CREATION. You at that high level can’t imagine a place so small you could not remember the greatness that you are designed with. You wanted to go to help the lower energies remember. No more being stuck in the low.

You then began a journey taking on another mix of creations to your already extremely knowledgeable spark of creation.

You had to take on many different life forms and many different lifetimes to downturn your vibration to fit into where we are now. You have many lives not of Earth to learn much of what creator is about. You gathered this info within your DNA (what they call junk). You also have lived many lifetimes on Earth to gain knowledge and experience of what is happening with this world we live on today. You have had to be a part of history, so you have knowledge of what is playing out today in your energetics. Creation knows this point in time is full of deceit, manipulation and lies. You have had to live many lifetimes to get to this point, so you have recorded true history within your DNA. Why do you think the powers at play wish to change it? They know what you know and when you wake up to the true knowledge you hold inside… Well, that is playing out now so we will see all of that soon enough. Let us get back to YOU…

You required billions of life experiences so you would know exactly what you need to know to accomplish from that first recognition of you deciding to come and help this moment in existence. Old you are and some older than others.

It is important to know that as we raise our vibration, we are awakening within ourselves our own uniqueness that has been created within time and space. We created ourselves with purpose and your purpose is awakening within this energetic time frame.

The only way to awaken who you truly are and all the knowledge within your DNA is JOY. JOY is a powerful frequency of what you truly are. The powers in this world have created a program to keep you out of a state of joy with fear, judgement, criticism, looking outside of yourself for admiration.

YOU have a frequency core that is nothing but Joy and Love for yourself and all of creation. Even the dark, lies and deceit you truly understand… It has had a purpose. It is just time for the darkness to end.

You were uniquely designed with a downward spiral of knowledge gained and with your own unique state of Joy and Knowledge will REVERSE this downward spiral to go back up and reopen what you purposefully closed to be here in this mix of lower drama energies.

You decided to experience more, to gain knowledge of how creation works in all life structures. We will use this knowledge to create even much Grandeur Divine Galaxies with such diverse forms of existences and Life Living in Harmony with each other. Sharing and Playing… Growing and Caring for one another… Happy and Joyful Being Who and what we have created for ourselves to be. No judgements, no criticism, no pokes to push you down. Just Love, Understanding, Playfulness and Fun.

So let us continue through these strong energies pulling us to get out of the lower drama field states and enter a total state of JOY Within YOU! Joy unlocks that junk DNA to the Magnificent Uniquely Created Design That Only YOU Are.

And now an interesting twist with this story of knowledge… Know that in your past lifetimes on this planet you may have purposefully placed some unique knowledge for yourself to find in this now time we are in. You see, Creator and that extremely higher vibrational mix of what you are, knew of this exact moment in space and time and you just may have left yourself some KEY knowledge and Frequency mixes in this world’s plateau that will open doors… Doors to these higher living plains of existences that have been purposely blocked.

Creation is extremely smart… We know what we have created for this Spectacular Moment… Now let us find our JOY. Then remain in an Inner State of Joy and open this remembering of Who You Truly Are…

We have much to achieve in our lifetime NOW. Do not let the fear and angry energies get you down anymore as that is only the dark creations.  That is the old design trying to stay alive and doing horrible things to people and this planet. You are JOY and that will unite us back together. Love & Joy is our higher state of consciousness! Bring your awareness back to these energies of Love & Joy for yourself and others. We are Masters of Creation… This is Why YOU Are Here Now!

Know there is much more to your story than what is written here. It is up to you to remember…