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  Hmmmm… So how do I do this? Through YOU my Souls… You are my SPARK OF DIVINITY. And I can do as I WISH! My wish was to know my self and what my feeling IS. I could only know my self if I also created within an energy of quite the opposite. I created… Read more »


  So how is everyone feeling? Do you feel your body vibrating at a higher rate? Can you feel the cells in your body awaken? Well, we are being upgraded with Higher Consciousness! Everyone is because that is the Universes Plan. We are meant to evolve, and nothing will ever hold back a natural state…. Read more »

We are ALL Extravagant Creators!

This Now Time we are in KALI Energies. The Divine Universal Mother of Death and Rebirth… we are witnessing the destruction of our old-world paradigm right before our very eyes. During this great witnessing of change it is extremely important to take great care of yourself. Emotions run extreme during these times. All things will… Read more »

2020 is upon us…

What energies are you bringing through that will help our planets evolution into Higher Consciousness? Will it be products that are pure without any chemical? Healthy substances that will help purify and restore our bodies and planet? Organic and/or Vegan Information? Healing Modalities? Sound? Light? Music? Art? Knowledge? Community Support? Gardening? It could be any… Read more »


It is time to get back to Nature and Epidote is our stone! Epidote helps us release the negative and embrace the positive changes underway. It shows us we attract what we put out, so it is important to keep working on releasing our negative traits. Epidote will help to balance what should be a… Read more »


  This week with the unsealing of some of the indictments that are beginning to take place in our world news, we will start to see some very dark truths. But it will all be in our favor as we must learn what our world energies have been created from. Remember through this process… Together… Read more »

Rose Quartz & Roses…

‘Love is like the fragrance of a flower… It demands nothing, it simply shares.’ ~Osho So how are you feeling these days? Are you mastering these love energies…heart openings? Well, as the heart opens we do experience some pain. More love comes through and it is our teacher. You will understand things clearer as time… Read more »

Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing

Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing by JypsyJenn & Earth Magic Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing is to be our main focus to transition ourselves out of fear and disillusionment into our higher states of Being and living. Practicing compassionate living will help our focus be in energies of high vibrations allowing our hearts to heal… Read more »


LOVE Gems By JypsyJenn & Earth Magic Today I am guided to write about Love. Love is the perfect ingredient to add to all situations. If you are noticing the upsets going on around and possibly within you; know that the upset reactions are only happening because of a lack of love. Know in your… Read more »

The Magic of Blue Kyanite by Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic

The Magic of Blue Kyanite By Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic Blue Kyanite has wanted to come through in message for a while…and now is the perfect timing. I think we All can see that we have to calm ourselves down and get to business in Higher Perspective ways. No more fighting…no more who is… Read more »