Welcome to 2022 & STROMATOLITE…

2022 is all about Getting Back to Nature and OVER-RIDING the corruption… Are YOU Ready?!

More people are leaving their old energy jobs and have more time to do what is right for our vibration. We are Re-learning how to implement the higher vibratory rates coming through for us to use. Nature is emitting extremely High Frequencies. Don’t you know that Creator has a plan and always will? NATURE IS OUR SAVIOR. And YOU Dear One are Nature. By clearing out the clutter in your own vibratory field allows this high frequency to flow through and through. We share with the natural world and nature shares with us. No More false frequencies in control. ONLY CREATOR FREQUENCIES HAVE A ROLE IN OUR HIGHER WORLD STRUCTURE. And YOU are a CREATOR BEING! Create NOW with this knowledge. You are constructing our world as you read these words. Create you Creator Being… Create in High Vibes and soon we all shall see this transpire around the globe. High Frequencies Everywhere sounding the Trumpets of the Triumphant and Creating a World Based In LOVE…

Welcome to 2022!

Love/Light Light/Love to All…

From Lightworker’s Sanctuary Family

A stone is calling to work with us in 2022 and it is:


Stromatolite is created from fossilized algae, one of the earliest life forms and believed to have created the oxygen on our planet. Stromatolite carries eternal knowledge. This stone is an excellent support during evolutionary change as it has weathered billions of years of chaos and catastrophe.

Stromatolite is a stone of Transformation. Assisting us with emotional healing. Gently removes blockages within the meridians and chakras.

Meditating with this stone acts as a portal to the far past of the earth, delving deep into its history, evolution and closely guarded secrets. If you have been imprinted with mental programs that are no longer relevant or which insist you conform to someone else’s agenda. Stromatolite helps you to release these.

Stromatolite teaches the purpose of life on Earth and our part in it. Emphasizes the spirit of community. Encourages standing in your power, acting under your soul’s direction to fulfill your personal & planetary goals.

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