It takes a LOT of work, trust, and dedication to spirit to follow your heart and detach from the lower vibratory situations at hand. It is making your heart weary, isn’t it!?

As the destruction plays out you don’t want to be pulled in. You are becoming a Master of these times. Keep RAISING your vibration so you can see all angels up and out of the destruction’s way. Your heart will lead you to a safe space… Your Heart naturally knows what to do. Old Human Ways Do NOT!

We have to admit to ourselves that everything is changing… Nothing will be the same ever. So, keep creating your Sacred Space, keep creating your Sacred You and bring Sacredness into Everything That You Do. You are rising in vibration by doing just that and by doing these actions alone we are Creating Sacred Earth!

A stone that is being called to help us with these changing destructive times is Pietersite.

Pietersite is known as the Tempest Stone because of its connection to the storm element. It is said to hold “the keys to the kingdom of heaven.”  Pietersite will dispel the illusion of separateness and removes beliefs and conditioning imposed by other people. It links you to the source of your own inner guidance and helps you to recognize the truth of falsehood of other people’s words.

Peitersite dissolves stubborn blockages and clears confusion… removing ‘dis-ease’ caused by not following your own truth. It releases mental and verbal conditioning… dispelling spiritual illusions.

Peitersite supports your own willpower and promotes walking in your own truth. It is extremely supportive and is a strengthening stone, aiding in speaking out and exploring anything that is blocking our access to truth. It assists in processing ancient conflicts and suppressed feelings.

Stone description above is taken from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Peitersite matches perfect with these times doesn’t it?! Photo above is what we have in stock at Lightworker’s Sanctuary currently.

PS Keep Shining YOUR LIGHT for this world to see. The Dark then IS Transformed into the LIGHT…

Eventually Everything is brought into Balance within Light. We have lived in a very dark world for an exceptionally long time. We are heading into a whole new planetary structure!

* For those that want more understanding on how to shine your light in these dark times:  Keep doing your Inner Work… Understand Un-Conditional Love… No Judgement towards another, situation, place, or action… Know EVERYTHING has a reason. It might be a reason that we cannot understand yet, but we TRUST in spirit and that spirit has its intelligence in creation. Creation is an extremely High Intelligence that we humans have just begun to really understand. Trust in Creation itself and be the nurturer in CREATION. LIGHT IS LOVE. And LOVE knows what to do… Be LoveLight LightLove