So how is everyone feeling? Do you feel your body vibrating at a higher rate? Can you feel the cells in your body awaken? Well, we are being upgraded with Higher Consciousness! Everyone is because that is the Universes Plan. We are meant to evolve, and nothing will ever hold back a natural state.

Have you figured out yet that we are at war? Well, we are, and it is not about politics at all… that is just the catalyst that is waking us up. The war is over humanities evolution into a higher consciousness. You must step back and take notice of everyone’s actions and for you to evolve, support that which supports our growth, health, truth, freedom, and expression. Not fear, control, suppression, and confusion.

The Great Awakening WILL TAKE TIME! But do not let yourself slow down searching for the Truth. As you see we have a lot of truths to search through to find the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF WHAT IS! We should learn to allow others to express their truth because that is what they believe and vice versa. AND as we keep searching and sharing our truth, we fine tune ourselves to the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF WHAT IS! We cannot help ourselves as like attracts like and the search for and expression of what we feel is truth will LEAD US TO THE WHOLE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Keep in mind with these energies of Higher Consciousness coming through we are being REQUIRED to do all our searching, learning, and sharing of truths WITH JOY!!!! JOY is HIGH VIBRATION! If you are not in a space of Joy doing what you are doing, then STOP! Take care of yourself, understand your triggers of anger, control, grief, or depression. Create a Sacred Space where you can find YOUR JOY again. Rest then get right back to searching for the truth of our world. We must…. This is why we have been birthed at this time…. We all have within us a special energy of CREATOR! And we have been given gifts to help this GREAT AWAKENING at this time! This Planet will live in ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

Find your Gifts… Find your Truths… Do it all in a STATE OF JOY and never give up on Humanity as a whole. We Love Each Other More Than You Know…