2020 is upon us…

What energies are you bringing through that will help our planets evolution into Higher Consciousness?

  • Will it be products that are pure without any chemical?
  • Healthy substances that will help purify and restore our bodies and planet?
  • Organic and/or Vegan Information?
  • Healing Modalities?
  • Sound?
  • Light?
  • Music?
  • Art?
  • Knowledge?
  • Community Support?
  • Gardening?

It could be any number of things. New ideas…Old ideas…It does not matter! It is time to explore and gather to share each of our strengths. Gather in the name of LOVE. The Love for Ourselves, Humanity and All Existence on our Beautiful Planet!

We will elaborate on this more as we get into 2020; but for now, gather your ideas, modalities and creative abilities. Tell your friends and those you know that are doing these higher living creative ideas already. It is time for US ALL TO SHINE AND SHINE WE WILL!!!!! Together we are strong so let us begin coming together in larger… more beautiful and peaceful ways. Let us spread these energies far and wide. We are all going to leave our mark in this world, and it will be a mark of Beautiful LOVE Manifestations!

What are you Ready to Share in 2020? Be prepared!

More coming to you soon from Lightworker’s Sanctuary…