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Healing Begins & VANADINITE…

2022 Healing Begins on Another Level We now begin our Healing Journey back to the Beginning’s Intention of this Planet and Humanity. This is a process. We are beginning the second phase in our healing journey that began with Yeshua (Jesus, Christ Energy). Yeshua (much more to this whole story as well… another time and… Read more »

Sacred Geometry – The Numbers and Frequency of Healing with Claudia B. Moore

In 1974, a man by the name of Dr. Joseph Puleo, a Neuropathic Physician, was spiritually guided to discover six missing Solfeggio Frequencies in the Biblical Book of Numbers. This discovery gave rise to the awareness of missing Gregorian Chants that were said to cure and bless those that sang and heard them.  A chain… Read more »

2020 is upon us…

What energies are you bringing through that will help our planets evolution into Higher Consciousness? Will it be products that are pure without any chemical? Healthy substances that will help purify and restore our bodies and planet? Organic and/or Vegan Information? Healing Modalities? Sound? Light? Music? Art? Knowledge? Community Support? Gardening? It could be any… Read more »

Healing…Merging…& Understanding Self

Healing…Merging…& Understanding Self By Jypsy Jenn & Earth Magic I will keep this as short and sweet as I can…At this time our Shadow Sides and Past Life Traumas are coming up to be seen, heard and healed. We must look at and begin to understand these energies. We can no longer deny what we… Read more »

Healing by DeAnna VandeZande

Healing, what is it and what does it mean to you? Today Spirit wishes for us to talk about your physical health and healing. There are some of you who have become discouraged by the fact that you’ve developed a disease, sought healing, yet still have the disease, or are in some way still hindered… Read more »