Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE

It is time to focus on Your Heart… FEELING IS AWAKENING TO GREAT LEVELS!

Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE

Use this Valentine’s Day to Honor Your Divinity Within… And the Divinity Within Others!

This is a Unique Energetic Year as we move fully into 2021. This year is All About Honor and Respect of Divinity Itself. EVERYTHING comes from the Divine and it is about time We ALL Remember This. In this 2021 Year it is all about the Rise of The Divine and it All Starts With YOU.

We have been and WILL continue to clear the pathways for full Divinity Capacity Energetics on this Great Planet we ALL live on. ARE YOU READY?!

So, use this Day… Sunday, February 14th Valentine’s Day to Remember, Honor, and Respect Your Own Divine God or Goddess just waiting to be Reborn in this New World We Are All Creating.

Our Divineness will help show us the way to create the World we all have been waiting for.  So, treat yourself special and FYI… Roses bring through the highest of vibrations. Go all out this Valentine’s Day as this world is now Aligned with the Frequencies of LOVE…

PS LOVE is stronger than you can ever imagine.

ALL THINGS ARE REVEALED… So, hold on tight as Our Transformation Unfolds!

At Lightworker’s Sanctuary we have a large selection of Stone Hearts to choose from. Lots of new Selenite to bring through the Divine Energies. Come in while supplies last!