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Collect Consciousness & AFGHANITE…

Our Collect Consciousness Wants Us to Know It is time to reach a Higher Level. The work YOU do Is Much Important The Healing YOU do Is required. To Heal it takes Strength, Courage, and a Faithful Heart. Know that YOU are not alone YOU have much help BE Patient with this process Your process is… Read more »


We are at a pivotal time in Humanities Evolution. We are being pulled in many different emotional directions. It is important that we take great care of ourselves as we continue to move through this state of breakdown. Allow ourselves to detach fully from old world structures and work with new ideas until we get… Read more »

Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE

It is time to focus on Your Heart… FEELING IS AWAKENING TO GREAT LEVELS! Valentine’s Day 2021… LOVE Use this Valentine’s Day to Honor Your Divinity Within… And the Divinity Within Others! This is a Unique Energetic Year as we move fully into 2021. This year is All About Honor and Respect of Divinity Itself…. Read more »

YOU are so Special…

This Valentine’s Day make a point to put yourself in the vibrations of LOVE. Find that special something that makes your HEART really sing to the tune of Pure Joy & Happiness! It can be something as simple as a beautiful flower, bird’s singing or a smell of something sweet. Whatever it is spend time… Read more »

Outing the ‘Greed Seed’

As we travel our own path we will each have our own individual choices to make… To UN-nourish this implant of a Greed Seed you will be required to make the choice that will serve and honor the greater whole of this planet. Take this slow if need be. Bring this into your awareness by… Read more »


A call has been sent out to all Lightworker’s to manifest world freedom through abundance and prosperity for all. As an awakened group consciousness, it is a fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for all. The only real way we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan… Read more »