We are ALL Extravagant Creators!

This Now Time we are in KALI Energies. The Divine Universal Mother of Death and Rebirth… we are witnessing the destruction of our old-world paradigm right before our very eyes.

During this great witnessing of change it is extremely important to take great care of yourself. Emotions run extreme during these times. All things will be brought up within one’s self for review. This is a very personal thing that we all will go through. Meditate and get in touch with any fear, anger, resentment, control, any energy that comes up that makes you feel uncomfortable. We are healing these uncomfortable energies. We are moving into a Divine Energy Construct and this requires full destruction of our old world as we knew it. Reason is for our Divinely Guided Higher Vibrating World Construct to be birthed in the energies of Free Flow Creation based in Love… not controlled creations based in fear. This is extremely uncomfortable as we have all lived and been designed through a fear-based world. In the higher energies we always begin to realize that the fear-based world was built in divine purpose as well. Everything is built from the Divine. This world has been teaching us lessons and showing us how to grow into a Divine Being. This Divine Being only knows love… it does not judge, anger, have fear or guilt. Divinely Vibrating Energy is Fearless, Compassionate, Authentic in its identity, allows others to express how they need to express knowing and seeing they are being Divine in their own expressions.

It is hard currently because we are witnessing so much anger and control in our world. If you spend more time getting in touch with your own Divinity Within you will begin to see your right actions in every move, you make. You will trust your own knowing of what you require to do in every moment because you are in touch with your own divinity. You will also trust that others are in touch with their own divinity and is acting in accordance with their divine actions.

The worlds energies are at a polarity point because of the extreme opposites at play. Have you not noticed the extreme behaviors of beliefs going on? Within those extremes is a truth to still be discovered. If you feel guided at this time… Meditate on your Divinity Within and ask it to bring through the Energies of Truth in this Planet Earths Now Time. We all deserve to Know Truth and the Truth has been hidden. This Truth Will Set Us Free…

Notice within yourself as you meditate on this divine energy that you are… See how you begin to change as your human aspect will carry more and more of this Divine Authentic Energy Being of Truth, Love and Fearlessness that you are. Be patient with yourself through this process as you may have lots of emotions that require clearing, understanding, and nurturing.

Do not be afraid of change as this change will happen. We all chose to incarnate at this now time on our planet’s evolution. You were birthed because you have the strength of LOVE that will help you and others through this process.

We may feel disconnected from much at this time and that is ok. Sometimes we must disconnect to re-connect in a different format. Our computer system is re-booting. Higher intelligence is monitoring everything and forming our higher outcomes from our own actions taken now. Take time to clear what does not feel good and let your self begin to create the world you truly wish to live in.

YOU are an Extravagant Creator Being… know this with every action you are taking!

We honor everyone of you and the choices you make. We trust your divine guidance will help you choose what you need on your path. We hold you in compassion as we know this time is extremely challenging times. We all are growing to the best of our ability in any given moment. We are here if you fall and we are here at your greatest achievements. We are together to support our individual authentic expressions. Without you we do not exist. Without you the whole does not exist. You were created with reason and purpose for this Whole Divine Design.

Never be afraid of Being what you are meant to be in any given moment. YOU are created By DIVINE DESIGN and DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT. And Know this is true with everything created… All is By Divine Design.

We See You and all you need to do is continue to seek your own Divinity Within… then let it shine onto this world! Be Divine…