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We are ALL Extravagant Creators!

This Now Time we are in KALI Energies. The Divine Universal Mother of Death and Rebirth… we are witnessing the destruction of our old-world paradigm right before our very eyes. During this great witnessing of change it is extremely important to take great care of yourself. Emotions run extreme during these times. All things will… Read more »

EMOTIONS by Robin Krauser

Father’s Day will soon be here and I have been reflecting on my recent visit back home.  I went to assist my family with my father who is 90 and is rather ill. During one of the daily visits with my father at the care facility, I saw my Dad open up and sob.  I… Read more »

Emotions by DeAnna VandeZande

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing more with us on the subject of…Emotions We are all equipped with emotions, some of which include: happiness, curiosity, excitement, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, doubt, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, love. Many of these are viewed as good while many others are viewed as bad, but what causes us to perceive an emotion… Read more »