Things will change even faster this year… so get on board with your Boldest Grand Manifestations.

Make Note: World circumstances will unfold in a Divine Accordance. No World can ever jump from dark to LIGHT instantly… That would be too much of a shock to the planetary grid systems in place. It would be too much of a shock to the Human Body and Mental Systems in place. You have been changing, you are changing NOW, and you will continue to Change as this transformation from Dark to LIGHT takes place.

This world has lived in Dark for thousands of years and goes back well before politics. Politics is just the catalyst for a fast manifestation for Truths to surface. Use this time to practice your own discernment as your discernment is your fine tuning to Truths.

As you work with these Strong Manifestation Energies there will be some that still wish to manifest with dark energies. NOTE that those that still work with or in the dark will Weaken in their creations as this world no longer supports those of the dark side. This world NOW supports LIGHT ENERGIES. We will continue to heal and observe our dark sides and learn from all that has been done. We NOW will learn what it is like to manifest with Pure Light/Love Love/Light Energies. So be patient with this process as it is a death and rebirth system we are going through.

This process is supported by CREATOR as this IS CREATORS DIVINE DESIGN…