We are amid Global Transformation. Change of this measure affect us all! It is of great importance to take great care of yourself as we gain higher awareness and a higher consciousness. As you raise your individual vibration, you not only help yourself, but you also help this whole world. Do what is required to bring your self into a higher vibratory state.  This time in our worldly events, is all about Ascension. Success or not success… is a choice between each individual on this planet. That is why you are here at this time of our planet’s evolutions. You know what to do to help us through the Ascension process… and it is all about vibration. As you rise in vibration you will begin to feel what helps you with Ascension and what will not. Follow your own feelings with each matter you participate with. Does it Uplift you or bring you down? Help all that you can understand vibration and how they can uplift themselves too. We wish all to ascend…

Know, as you keep expanding and feeling all that we are going through… it all is a vibration. All you must do is have your tools ready that help you Raise Your Vibration. We keep rising, Rising & RISING….

Know too, you are not alone… there are many of us in this world doing this work and that number IS Expanding. More and More are waking up to the truths in our world and know there is much more going on than turmoil. Our universe is in motion, and we are a large part of this universe’s evolution. All eyes on Planet Earth… we ARE RE-CONNECTING. We have much to look forward to in times ahead. Just keep fine tuning yourself to who you truly are!

Stones that are here to help us Raise our Vibratory Rate into this Higher Ascending Consciousness is:

MOLDAVITE:  Don’t let this stone scare you as it is here to help us transition. We are transforming and nothing will hold us back… this stone just helps us become aware of what no longer serves us… ‘Stone of Transformation’. If it overwhelms you just take your time working with it. Sleep with it under your pillow and keep it close only as YOU feel guided. We are all different how we respond to this stone. Get to know your response!

SAFFORDITE (Cintamani): Has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure Light & Love… Manifesting the Purity of the Soul. It significantly lifts the veil and radically advances both the spiritual heart and the higher calling.

VERA CRUZ AMETHYST:  Promotes Spiritual Ascension & Growth. Connects you with your Higher Self. Instills an Attitude of Compassion… Promotes thoughts of Loving Kindness… Dissolves ego consciousness… Opening your Heart Chakra to Divine Guidance and Love.

SENTIENT PLASMA CRYSTALS: High Mountain Lemurian Colombian Crystals. These crystals are 12th Dimensional in energy and rated as the purest crystal known to man. It becomes an individual piece and works with the owner exclusively. The intelligence of these crystals opens you to higher learning and that is apparent immediately.

GOLDEN HEALER QUARTS: This stone may be used in any healing situation or realignment. Golden healer quartz particularly targets the solar plexus, in that it promotes self-confidence and self-love, maintaining one’s emotions, and creativity.

BRUCITE: Provides mental flexibility to follow the twists of the intuitive processes, leading to greater insight. Stabilizes multiple personality disorders. Unites a soul group and assures cohesion of purpose. Brings light to the environment.

FOSSIL CORAL: A gift from the Stars that is used to enhance telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions. Promotes Inner Peace and quieting disruptive thoughts. Helps to receive insights into Infinite Universal Knowledge.

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