Master Energies of Freedom…

For this Thanksgiving time newsletter, I, Jennifer, was wanting to bring a special message through for this time in our lives. In my meditation I got it is time to share The Beginning of Freedom again. I thought I have already shared this before, but spirit said it was time again. When this message first came thru, I was living in Thailand, at that time I had a website named BeStillNow. You will be amazed at how many people on a daily basis look up the word Stillness. That website was absolutely spiritually created and served for many years till I decided to come back to America. This message I am sharing with you first came thru in 2004. It then called to be released again here thru Lightworker’s Sanctuary in 2016… and low and behold it is calling to be released again NOW Thanksgiving 2021. I know this is being significantly guided on timing. I was urged to look up the numerology on all three of the release years 2004+2016+2021=6041 6+0+4+1=11 Master Number ‘As Above’

3rd times a charm as we are now in a Master Number Creation of Freedom. I was told to add up the number of years of the release of this message and it is a 17 years’ time span. 17 is a very significant number and in numerology 1+7=8 which is about inner-strength & inner-wisdom. Now let us enter these Thanksgiving Energies with a final release of…

The Beginning of Freedom 

The beginning of Freedom starts with Self Mastery.

Self Mastery will take practice and patience. The Energies now coming through are taking us to a whole new level. It is time now for each of us to really truly get to know your self, trust your self. The only way to bring in these new energies is to spend time with your self. Learn to Feel who you are. You are Awakening!

Right now, before you continue reading these words stop for a moment and Feel YOU. Feel this powerful energy that you are. Just feel the sensations in your body. You are alive with energy and a new level is coming through for you at this time.

Now take time to make a promise to yourself to spend time alone. Alone getting to know you and this new that is coming through. It will be worthwhile; we are in a time of great GREAT change, and it is important for you to do this for your self. And allow others to do this for them selves as well. This means help each other out with responsibilities while others take this break from life to get in touch with something deep inside that is awakening. This is how we are going to bring in the New, by you getting to know this whole new level of YOU. You will then learn how to bring this back out into the world gently and gracefully. Change of this measure will take a lot of Courage, Trust and Love of All. So, Buckle Up Buttercup and get ready for this Sweet Nectar that is coming through for you!

During your time you will see/feel and transform things about yourself that you do not like. You will bring up things of past that you will release and transform into a brighter and new you. So, it is important to take great care of yourself. Something I (Jennifer) am working on is a program to help Balance Ones Self. This kind of change is the greatest work you will do, and it will take you into a space that seems hard to perceive at this moment. A space filled with the great love—the Divine.

We have a lot to transform so be patient and take it all ‘One Step At A Time’. We will all have different ways of transforming. This is why it is so important for you to take time out from your normal everyday life just for you. Getting to know you and learn to Feel your Own way through this process. You are your own steps. You are your own process. You are your own power. The Beginning of Freedom starts with YOU!

Right now, a great new door is open for us all. Energies are pouring through of Great Support. Dedicate time for your self. Spend one week or two weeks of vacation time alone. If you cannot take that long off, then do smaller intervals often. Weekends away. If you have friends take turns watching over the others life responsibilities for them. Knowing they will do the same for you. The extra work will be worth your while so you too can have your time alone.

It takes time to break through the barriers of chaos and confusion to reach your own Authenticity. Meaning your True, Real and Genuine Self. Not what others perceive but YOU. That is, You Being FREE. Once you get in touch with your true nature then you will begin the process of Mastering the Mind (Coming soon).