Your Choice has been made…

We have crossed a threshold as of January 1, 2022… Do You Feel it?

Your choice on Ascension has been made whether you are conscious of it or not. NOW this world will start working in direction of your choice. More will start to clear out whether it is physically, energetically, or mentally… As we are creating a clear path to the choices you made.

For many years everyone has been told this was coming. To get ready physically, mentally, and spiritually. A lot of people have been working hard on their inner work and congratulations to you as you will understand more of what is going on energetically as pathways are being cleared for us to get to our chosen direction.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own unique choice they made so everyone will have their different perceptions of what is going on in our world. It is important for you to keep taking care of your self and pamper your spiritual growth. This world is going through Purification on a Major Level. This will affect us all. The more you can tune into you and your eternal soul… the more you will Thrive in all the days to come.

Follow your Heart in all your actions as your Heart Knows All!

If you ever have any questions or just require a space of calm for a moment, stop in Lightworker’s Sanctuary and Remember Who You Are…

Much Love to You on your Journey into 2022 and beyond,

Lightworker’s Sanctuary