In this recent time, much awareness has come that more people are ready to serve by leading others into higher vibrating frequencies of living.  The message to those of you ready to take those steps in being of greater service to others….  You are entering times of INITIATION from Spirit! Are You Ready?

During the initiation process you will be watched to see how you are handling the energies and circumstances that will be coming your way.

  • Will you hang in there learning to navigate all the different energies you come into contact with, or will you give up?
  • Will you learn from everything and everyone you come into contact with?
  • Can you handle mingling with all kinds of energies… Light and dark?
  • Will you learn to go with the flow as to where spirit is guiding you, gathering information along your way?
  • Are you Grounded? Are you Secure?
  • Are you ready, in the beginning, to spend more energy on your creation than you are receiving back?

YOU must create and earn your space into the higher vibratory living and serving of others. Lots of purging is required as that higher vibrational space is cleared of our old energy cycles and ways.

During Initiation you will have more purging come up as it will find your deepest and darkest emotions… Will you succeed… is totally up to you and how you handle all situations you are led into.

We wish you all the best in times to come and we wish you all Great Success as we are all expanding into Higher Grounds of Humanities Evolution.

Keep Raising Your Vibrations with ALL that you do… That is a Key to Your Success!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A great stone that is calling to work with you during this Initiation Process is SCOLECITE…

  • Scolecite is of the Higher Vibrational Planes and offers protection from intrusions.
  • Stone of Inner Peace and Transformation.
  • Scolecite enhances Heart Energies and promotes spontaneous expressions of Love.
  • A strong stone to aid in communication.
  • It will help you relax after a long day of work.
  • Scolecite aids us in Discovery.
  • Helps us to understand where we want to go and how we want to get there.
  • Scolecite gently awakens the Higher Mind, helping us understand the process of our Soul’s Journey.
  • It also helps in groups of people bringing tolerance and understanding.

All of this will be useful as we work more into the Awaking Process of Humanity…

Stop in Lightworker’s Sanctuary and see all that we got in. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your personality!