Outing the ‘Greed Seed’

As we travel our own path we will each have our own individual choices to make… To UN-nourish this implant of a Greed Seed you will be required to make the choice that will serve and honor the greater whole of this planet. Take this slow if need be. Bring this into your awareness by… Read more »


A call has been sent out to all Lightworker’s to manifest world freedom through abundance and prosperity for all. As an awakened group consciousness, it is a fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for all. The only real way we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan… Read more »

A Message from The Hathors by Hatti Orelup

Greetings, Dear Ones.   We wish to offer a little gift to assist you with your desired transformation and balance throughout this new year.  Our suggestion is deceptively simple but most powerful if done with intention and regularity Sit or lie quietly and imagine that your navel is a flower that you can open and… Read more »


Berena Wise share’s her 11/11/13 Gateway message: We are once again standing at the door of another gateway of change for humanity. This gateway ushers in completion of the old and the birth of the new.  A reunion of our Soul Spark, our essence, our soul aspects. The Universe is giving opportunities for change by… Read more »