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DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a message with us today…

Greetings, Once again, we meet in print! As per the norm, when I sat down to write to you today, I had no idea what the topic would be. I asked for guidance and then just sat and waited. After a few moments the words “focus on service” and “life purpose” kept coming to mind…. Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a message with us today…

In search of inspiration for today’s message, I drew a card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. The card was Shield Yourself and its message read: Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you. Spirit would like to remind us to protect ourselves at all times, even in ordinary,… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing an article ‘Stay out of the ditch!’

Stay out of the ditch! Greetings! With the new year it is a great opportunity for us to make some changes and to shift into the new energies that are awaiting us. These energies have been beckoning you for a while now, yet many of you are still struggling, wondering why you are up one… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a timely message and poem…Desiderata!

You are a child of the universe…  Greetings one and all! I am very excited to write to you today, so let’s jump right in! Spirit often sends us messages, reminding us of our path and purpose. Sometimes we are given these messages over and over in a short period of time in order to… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande’s message ‘It Is Time’…

Spirit says it is time. It is time for you to step out into who you were created to be.  It is time for you to lay down all that has been holding you back. You picked it up, but it was not meant for you to carry and now it is weighing you down. As… Read more »

Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation by DeAnna VandeZande

Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation by DeAnna VandeZande  A common frustration that I hear almost daily is that many of you are not having the meditation experience you long for. The common theme seems to be the desire to quiet the mind and to then make a meaningful spiritual connection. Today we will be talking… Read more »

Hematite and Red Jasper by DeAnna VandeZande

Hematite and Red Jasper by DeAnna VandeZande Greetings, one and all! I recently returned from a trip to a place that the natives call God’s Country. I spent 10 glorious days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the Marquette area. This area is situated along the shores of Lake Superior and this part of the… Read more »

Emotions by DeAnna VandeZande

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing more with us on the subject of…Emotions We are all equipped with emotions, some of which include: happiness, curiosity, excitement, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, doubt, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, love. Many of these are viewed as good while many others are viewed as bad, but what causes us to perceive an emotion… Read more »

Reiki and your Pet by DeAnna VandeZande

Greetings! I hope you are all doing well. This past week I was reminded of the special bonds that we humans share with our animal friends when I learned of three separate families whose pet crossed over in spirit just within a few days of each other. So, in remembrance of these precious souls, and… Read more »

Healing by DeAnna VandeZande

Healing, what is it and what does it mean to you? Today Spirit wishes for us to talk about your physical health and healing. There are some of you who have become discouraged by the fact that you’ve developed a disease, sought healing, yet still have the disease, or are in some way still hindered… Read more »