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Recent Activity of Earth’s Geomagnetic Field…

The following article came to my attention a few days ago, and I would like to share it with you. There are interesting graphs and a video on the web site at the end of the article, showing the activity. The activity in Earth’s Geomagnetic field and the Schumann’s Resonance has a powerful effect on… Read more »

Crystal Sonics Message July 2017 “TIPPING POINT”

We are releasing our past and setting our intentions for the future. At the same time we are integrating enormous amounts of energy to fill all the empty spaces we created by dismantling our old mindsets and old reality. Don’t be discouraged; keep up your good work. Use these challenging energies to gain more inner… Read more »

The Challenges of Winter By Berena Wise

Why is it a challenge to stay well in the winter? As the days grow shorter and we are exposed to less UV light from the sun, our vitamin D levels decline. Recent studies show that we need adequate vitamin D to activate our immune systems. It takes 20 minutes of exposure to full spectrum… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing Gaiafield Project…

I recently received this from the World Peace Pulse Project, sponsored by James Twyman. He is doing wonderful things to bring peace to our planet.  Between now and the November elections, They are calling for weekly prayer and meditations for the best and highest outcome for all, for our presidential elections.  It would send so… Read more »

Manifesting Prosperity By Eliminating The Greed Seed by Berena Wise

A call has been sent out to all Lightworker’s to manifest world freedom through abundance and prosperity for all. As an awakened group consciousness, it is a fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for all. The only real way we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan… Read more »

Master Numbers and How They Can Guide You By Berena Wise

MASTER NUMBERS By Berena Wise People often tell me all the time that they are seeing number patterns, and ask what they mean. I too see number sequences, and with a little research, I now look at this experience as such a wonderful natural way for the universe to communicate with us. I can remember… Read more »

Frankincense by Berena Wise…

Frankincense by Berena Wise Dear Friends, I came across this article a few days ago and it immediately caught my eye. I would love to share it with you. I have know the healing power of natural herbs and essential oils for years, and I get so excited every time these powerful gifts from our… Read more »

The Ceremony and Art of Sacred Adornment…

The Ceremony and Art of Sacred Adornment By Berena Wise I am often asked, “What can I do to feel my personal power”? That inner power which lets you walk through the day feeling special and beautiful on the inside, feeling you are walking your sacred path and shining your spiritual light forward. I suggest… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing her message from Earth Keys…

AA Ariel Message Full Moon Earth Keys July 2016  There is much change occurring on your dear Mother Earth at this time.  Most of you are feeling many different emotions, energies, and changes within your physical bodies and so is your Mother Earth. For a long time the energy has been one sided. There has… Read more »