Berena Wise is sharing her message from last Sunday’s Meditation June 2015…

CHANNELED MESSAGE: Your Body is Your Temple This month of June is a full and challenging month for you.  It is a time of much change and clearing, a time to step forth and take the path of highest light.  Many of you are experiencing challenges in your physical and emotional body. We ask you to… Read more »

‘Walking the Walk’ by DeAnna VandeZande

Hello, everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying this beautiful weather we are having lately! With warmer, dryer days we have more and more opportunities to get out and about and interact with one another. With that in mind, today Spirit would like for us to talk about how we are conducting ourselves in… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing her message from Earth Keys Ceremony…

Archangel Haniel Message Earth Keys Full Moon Ceremony June 2015 There is much change occurring on your dear Mother Earth at this time.  Most of you are feeling many different emotions, energies, and changes within your physical bodies and so is our Mother Earth. For a long time the energy has been one sided. There has… Read more »

Desensitization By DeAnna VandeZande

Desensitization  Greetings, my friends! Today’s message was a real ‘aha’ moment for me as I’m sure it will be for many of you as well. If I were to ask you if you’ve desensitized yourself to Spirit, you would probably be quick to say “No, of course not!” At least that was my first reaction… Read more »

Master Hilarion Soul Etherics Message May 2015 Berena Wise

Berena Wise is sharing Master Hilarion’s message from… SOUL ETHERIC CLEARING May 2015 Bring your memory back to times when you had a feeling about something, an inner knowing about a certain event or situation that you chose to ignore. Have you sometimes wished you could revisit that time in order to rethink your decision… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a message on generational curses…

Greetings, friends! I am very excited for this week’s message from Spirit, as it brings us freedom from things we’ve mistakenly accepted as inevitable truths about ourselves and our families. This week Spirit would like for us to talk about generational curses within our families. As you all know, we are born with a particular… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a message with us this week:

Greetings! I hope this finds you all doing well! Today Spirit would like for me to share with you a couple of things regarding our thoughts, specifically random and/or unwanted thoughts. Random thoughts. We all have them. They seem to come from nowhere and most of us simply allow them to exist without question, even… Read more »

Berena Wise listed some very easy steps to clear yourself and your space:

(Clear yourself daily with smudge or spray yourself with an essential oil spray. Then call in your guides for protection.)  #1 – Physically clean, dust, sanitize, and de-clutter the house from top to bottom.  #2 – Call in your personal guides for assistance. Burn sage or smudge mix throughout the space. It comes in bundles… Read more »

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a timely message with us…

Greetings! I come to you today with a message about your relationships. Many of you have come a long way in your spiritual journey. You have reached new levels of enlightenment and self-awareness and Spirit is very pleased with your progress. Spirit is aware, however, that there are those of you who are struggling in… Read more »