Hematite and Red Jasper by DeAnna VandeZande

Hematite and Red Jasper by DeAnna VandeZande Greetings, one and all! I recently returned from a trip to a place that the natives call God’s Country. I spent 10 glorious days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the Marquette area. This area is situated along the shores of Lake Superior and this part of the… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing the Soul Etheric Clearing Message – August 2015

Soul Etheric Clearing Message – August 2015 In the next months of your earthly time, new portals of light will open and bring with them strong infusions of light energies onto the Earth. This is the time that all will be able to fully, consciously and collectively connect to the Divine Creation Energies. Together with… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing her message from Sunday Meditation (Aug. 2015)

Sunday Meditation (Aug. 2015) Your reality depends entirely on how you perceive it to be. Change your perception and you change the reality. Change the perception–change the reality. As long as you perceive lack–whether it is lack of love, lack of money, lack of a good job, lack of a new car, a better house–… Read more »

Emotions by DeAnna VandeZande

DeAnna VandeZande is sharing more with us on the subject of…Emotions We are all equipped with emotions, some of which include: happiness, curiosity, excitement, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, doubt, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, love. Many of these are viewed as good while many others are viewed as bad, but what causes us to perceive an emotion… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing with us her message from Earth Keys Full Blue Moon Circle (Aug, 2105)

The 8-8-8 Lions Gateway Is Preparing Us for The Remainder of 2015  The 8-8-8 Lions Gate is providing us one more energetic step of Power, to guide us into being our True Authentic Selves. Actually, there is no break between portals and gateways now; they do offer a high energetic time in which to place… Read more »

Reiki and your Pet by DeAnna VandeZande

Greetings! I hope you are all doing well. This past week I was reminded of the special bonds that we humans share with our animal friends when I learned of three separate families whose pet crossed over in spirit just within a few days of each other. So, in remembrance of these precious souls, and… Read more »

Healing by DeAnna VandeZande

Healing, what is it and what does it mean to you? Today Spirit wishes for us to talk about your physical health and healing. There are some of you who have become discouraged by the fact that you’ve developed a disease, sought healing, yet still have the disease, or are in some way still hindered… Read more »

Berena Wise is sharing a summer solstice message…

Crystal Sonic’s Summer Solstice June 2015…  The influx of intensified energies of this Summer Solstice, are assisting us in seeing the truth in everything around us. While these energies have mellowed a bit this past week, they continue to awaken us to see what is not standing in Divine Love. This energy has been especially… Read more »