This week with the unsealing of some of the indictments that are beginning to take place in our world news, we will start to see some very dark truths. But it will all be in our favor as we must learn what our world energies have been created from. Remember through this process… Together we are Strong. We will begin to change and create a better world in the energies based in LOVE & UNDERSTANDING.

We must put aside our differences and realize TOGETHER we are one Strong and Beautiful Force. We will begin to realize we gave our power away to those that kept us in the dark intentionally. We must move past the pains and destruction that have been created. Start supporting that which is of Love, Light, Health and Community Living. Start stepping out of the old-world structure and open your hearts and minds to new creations. Much has already been in the works and will start to surface now…now that the world is changing who has been in control.

This will not be a pretty process and some news will be un-imaginable…but know in your hearts we will get through this…TOGETHER. We must learn the Truths… The Truth shall set us FREE! Together we will stand and create a better world based in Peace, Unity, Compassion, Strength and the LOVE for each other… HUMANITY!

This will be a long and ugly process and it will provide much opportunity for our Spiritual Growth in Discernment, Compassion, Forgiveness, Giving, Receiving and So Much More. Take care of yourself and enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer. Get to know each other in person again…not just on-line but out into this Real World. Share Your Energies in Person!

LoveLight to you all as we are creating a Whole New World Order…TOGETHER!

Message from The Crystals; They Are With Us in Vibration…