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  This week with the unsealing of some of the indictments that are beginning to take place in our world news, we will start to see some very dark truths. But it will all be in our favor as we must learn what our world energies have been created from. Remember through this process… Together… Read more »

A Vibrational Concert…

The Story of All Things Created (Reads Like Poetry) Every Single Thing in This Universe and Beyond has a Purpose…that is why it has been created. We all have unique expressions, looks and ways we perform. Who is one to not notice this? What if we all look to see The Success of our outcomes… Read more »

Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation by DeAnna VandeZande

Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation by DeAnna VandeZande  A common frustration that I hear almost daily is that many of you are not having the meditation experience you long for. The common theme seems to be the desire to quiet the mind and to then make a meaningful spiritual connection. Today we will be talking… Read more »