A Vibrational Concert…

The Story of All Things Created
(Reads Like Poetry)

Every Single Thing in This Universe and Beyond has a Purpose…that is why it has been created. We all have unique expressions, looks and ways we perform. Who is one to not notice this? What if we all look to see The Success of our outcomes as we are all still Being Created?!

Creation never stops…this is a For Sure of All Life! We will grow and Grow beyond recognition. So, Know in Your Hearts…. Don’t Stop! Creation Must Flow…cannot stagnate ever…otherwise a volcano might just erupt.  

To find out more of what our creation is…we must play and try new things! Do not care if you fall or even fail in a grade! By flowing and moving and Playing Through we Create Our Beauty…. OUR UNIQUE YOU! 

So, Play My Friends…Explore NEW GROUNDS! Try New Things and Pursue the REAL YOU. We have been held back in the energies of Old Times…It is now time to Burst Forth INTO THE NEW! 

We have each other…we can hold hands…make sure we are ALL A SUCCESS. I do this and you do that…this is how we cover grounds. No spot is left undone…Create Everywhere…no two spots are exactly alike! Some might be close and others very different; this is what it is all about. Allow each other to shine their own light…express the new of you. We support each other in finding our place that supports us too. But if you get stagnant, stop growing & trying new things…the support of the whole falls short. So, let us grow my friends! Into the ALL… Together we are a Masterpiece of Love! 

Share ideas and what you have learned…and Listen to Others Points of View. We will open our hearts even wider than before…Expanding in Depth and the Brightness of PURE. We birth then New Creations...  Energy will pour out of our hearts that bring even more greatness of YOU… 

Message to Humanity from the Unique Creative Expressions of All the Crystals and Stones

     Through JyspyJenn & Earth Magic