How about a Pure Spirit Crystal to help you through these times…

Energy: Stalagmites: projective

Element: Earth

Magical lore: Stalactites, (which hangs from cave roofs) and Stalagmites (which project up from the floors of caverns) are produced by lime-rich water dripping into caves from above. Over eons, they produced masses of calcite familiar to anyone who has entered such a cave.

Historically, small stalagmites and stalactites were carried, often in small bags, as amulets against negativity and “evil”.

Stalagmites reduces fear and stress. Promotes creativity and imagination. Stimulates the root and solar plexus chakras giving us inspiration, motivation, courage, and perseverance while feeling grounded and secure. 

This crystal is known for its powerful ability to draw in high vibrations while uplifting low ones. It also acts as a portal to the Higher Realms, opening your Crown Chakra and connecting you deeply with Source energy.

Come to Lightworker’s Sanctuary and get your Stalagmite to help you Project Your Greatness and Shinning Energy out into this world and at the same time it shall protect you. They all are beautiful and pure spirit energies! See you soon…