Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing

Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing

by JypsyJenn & Earth Magic

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Self-Love, Self-Esteem and Personal Healing is to be our main focus to transition ourselves out of fear and disillusionment into our higher states of Being and living. Practicing compassionate living will help our focus be in energies of high vibrations allowing our hearts to heal and bring through the frequencies of divine love. Compassionate action toward others will help us with our own self-love, help us gain greater self-understanding, and help us heal personally. You see this is a law…what you give out will come back 10 fold plus more.

Too many of us fall prey to the energies that take us away from higher vibrational sensory transmissions that are in our atmosphere just waiting for us to accept. We are in a time that we are required to learn how to refocus our attentions in all ways. Not just some of the time…but All of the time. Start gathering tools and information that help to put our focus on compassion, understanding self and our different paths. This is what will help our heart to fully heal and remain that way.

Anytime you find yourself in distress, judgment, criticism, blame or any emotion that brings you down out of a state of peace learn to re-focus your attention immediately. Refocus on something that touches your heart with higher vibrational frequencies otherwise the heart closes.

Here is a small list of things you can do that will help put your focus on compassionate action and living:

  • Wherever you go send people a silent prayer with Love.
  • Say ‘hello’ to strangers
  • Wave to others while driving through your neighborhood
  • Notice good deeds and let them know how it made you feel
  • Find a charity that you can support
  • Find local/community charities close to home and support
  • Open yourself up to new creative ideas and put it into live motion as it is time for your true action to come alive with energies
  • Step outside of the norm and widen your horizon as we have much to open up to…

Add to this list and share with others. These things plus more will help to retrain our focus on the good things in life. These good things will help our hearts to open then the love energy flows out through our hearts into this world…healing your self-first, then out to others. We must work on this task starting now. This world is generating divine energies and it is up to us to use these energies to help us transition out of the dark and into the light. Each of us individually must choose what we put our attention on and what we make stronger. Strength in numbers, strength in achievements and strength in focused attention.  What have you focused on lately? What are you making stronger? It is all your choicechoose wisely and with love…

We have much more story here folks but that will be for another day in time. The point being made right now is that no matter where we are on our path…we are being called to step up our game. Become aware of our every action and know what it is that we are creating. As we become anchored into the divine love energies we will be unscathed by the cloudy actions that used to be the greater part of this world…that no longer is the case. The energies that do not flow with divine love will eventually dissipate because it has nothing to hold onto and nothing feeding into it as we will all be acting in love. Love will always connect us to the magnificent energies of true power and knowing! LOVE