Rose Quartz & Roses…

‘Love is like the fragrance of a flower… It demands nothing, it simply shares.’ ~Osho

So how are you feeling these days? Are you mastering these love energies…heart openings? Well, as the heart opens we do experience some pain. More love comes through and it is our teacher. You will understand things clearer as time moves on. You are on a journey of understanding what Unconditional Love is all about.

As more love comes through; it will show us how the old energy of our ways have most all been conditioned… No Free Flow in that. Your deep creativity has been blocked. This love will show us all that has been stopping its flows…that will be the pain you feel. Just feel it, spend time with it, and then understand what the cause was. Let the flow move on through; releasing you from the block.

During this time of Mastering and Understanding Unconditional Love…go easy on yourself and others, as this kind of Love is new to us All! This is a journey that will deepen us to our core of understanding our true selves and our true hearts desires. BE PATIENT…as this is a journey that will take time to fully comprehend its nature…OK?!

*In your life add more Rose Quartz and Roses of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors as all of this will help you acclimate to the higher frequencies coming through and we can move through this process with more Joy and Grace.

When you are experiencing the pain of this love, take a long look at yourself…notice if you are conditioning things around you or you yourself are conditioned to act a certain way and not going with the flow of life? You see now… These newer higher frequencies of love coming through are all about UN-Condition. As you integrate this love you will find we have all been very conditioned in our own ways. Un-Conditional Love is all about Free Flow and Freedom of our own Unique Expressions.

No matter where you are on your path… KNOW there is more of YOU to come through. It is worth moving through our pains to get to the purity of who you are and allowing everyone else to move through their pains as well… knowing they too are moving into higher states of frequency… LOVE!

Many Blessings on Your Journey…YOU are worth KNOWING…LOVE
JypsyJenn & Earth Magic