Outing the ‘Greed Seed’

As we travel our own path we will each have our own individual choices to make…

To UN-nourish this implant of a Greed Seed you will be required to make the choice that will serve and honor the greater whole of this planet. Take this slow if need be. Bring this into your awareness by looking at the choices you are making. Is your choice serving the greater humanity? Or is it serving Greed?

This could include what you support:

  • What you buy…who and what does it support…
  • What your work is and what it supports…
  • Investments that you make…where does it go…
  • Groups and people you associate with…Do they support humanity or just themselves?

These are all things to bring into your awareness and make your choice from the heart. Start feeling what is right for you in the moment. Where and what are you supporting?

You are powerful & empowered by the choices you make! It is time for us to slow down and choose wisely. It is time to not support this greed seed that has served humanity in the PAST.

We are looked upon now as Light Workers, to support the greater good of humanity as a whole. Make your own choice stepping out of greed. As you do, you are depleting our individual greed seed. It will not be nourished and eventually be transformed into the light that you are Being.

We are now in a Higher Level of Awareness AND it is up to us to move our world out of greed for good! So individually make the greater choices that serve humanity as a whole and you will be infused with more Light. You will know it…you will Feel it. You will be supported by Creator!

You will know in your Heart what choice to make, make the choice—whatever it may be—that supports Humanity. Not saying here that you cannot make a profit…You Will Make A Profit! It is just some choices will lead down a more destructive path and other choices lead to the greater good.

Do not compare your choices to another’s choice. This is accomplished better starting with you the individual as you work on depleting your own greed seed. Then you can move into a larger scale of depleting the greed seed. If we look at the larger picture of our situation at hand it can seem overwhelming. So stop your self from looking at the larger picture and focus on your self. You will gain much from this individual task and then be ready to accomplish more. This is a great project and one of trust from creator that we are ready to complete.

Start with your self and your self-only. Start making your choices in everything that you do—are your choices supporting Humanity or greed? We have to start looking outside of ourselves for this chain reaction. With our choices…Support groups and companies that support and help this world for the better. The LIGHT you will receive from these choices will empower you into a whole new level of existence.


Lightworkers will be our next level of existence…Choose Wisely and with Love!

Message received from Spirit through Jennifer Sawyer 3/2014