Message from DeAnna VandeZande…

It has been pressed upon me by Spirit that this year, 2015, is a year of transformation, and I know that many of you have also received this same message. That is exciting news, indeed, as transformation is necessary in order for us to become more aligned with our Creator. But have you considered what this really means? Or what your role in that transformation is? With transformation in mind, Spirit would like to address a specific topic today, that of self-talk and the situations it has gotten us into or prevented us from having throughout our lives.

Have you ever just sat and wondered why? Why are you stuck in that relationship rut? Why do you never seem to have enough money to go around or you are sick all the time, fighting off one illness after another?  Many times the reason is so simple that it is overlooked. We engage in this self-talk throughout our day, usually without giving it a second thought, and often times this self-talk is verbalized for others to hear. Have you ever said or heard anything similar to the following:

I’m never going to find a job

I keep getting sick

I’m never going to fall asleep

I keep gaining weight

I can’t pay my bills 

The words themselves sound valid to you because at first glance they seem true… perhaps you do have debt and are struggling to just get by.  Or maybe you truly have gained weight. These situations you are dealing with are real, but they are not meant to be your long-term reality.

How do we change our reality? One thought at a time. All it takes is for you to tweak your language a tiny bit, then trust. I’m not suggesting you ignore your current reality, but to transform the language you use to describe it.

Let’s take the example of finding a new job… Wake up every morning with a positive intention… today I will find the job of my dreams. Of course I’ve been there and know it’s not as easy as all that. Perhaps your current reality is just too real at the moment and you can’t commit to such a dramatically positive change in verbiage, I get it. In these situations, the word YET can make all the difference. For many of us it is a word of hope.

I haven’t found the right job, yet.

Do you feel how that just sounds more positive? It’s a subtle shift, but it is a shift. Why is this language change important? Because it raises your vibration and when this happens you attract positive into your life. Think of your thoughts and words as a boomerang, what you throw out into the universe comes back to you. If you want positive to come back to you, then you must start by sending out positive. The universe hears your words and conspires to bring you the desires of your heart… those things that you verbalize and declare as truth.

Your words become self-fulfilling. Transform your dialogue, transform your life. Transformation, however, does not come without effort, patience, and perhaps even a little bit of growing pains, but I will leave you with this…  can’t never could, don’t never did and won’t never will.