By JypsyJenn & Earth Magic

Today I am guided to write about Love. Love is the perfect ingredient to add to all situations. If you are noticing the upsets going on around and possibly within you; know that the upset reactions are only happening because of a lack of love. Know in your heart that we react in a softer less dramatic way if we have the ingredient of love mixed in. Love helps us to understand and see another’s point of view…bringing through a higher awareness to all situations.

Entering November and rolling into the holiday season tensions seem to heighten. It is a good idea as we interact with the tension to slow yourself down in your reactions and try to observe the situation. Take a deep breath and bring love into your heart center to help you decipher the situation before taking action. Then as you breathe out the vibrations of love; it will help you to react in a higher awareness to the situation. It might be a good idea to keep things around you that remind you and help you to feel Love…in turn you will radiate love out to your surroundings. Love is always shared…it cannot help itself!

Here are some lovely gems to help you bring more vibrations of love into your life:

Any Pink Stone!

Rose Quartz: A Pure Stone of LOVE! It carries gentle but powerful vibrations great for emotional healing, release of stress and uniting with the universe & the Divine.

Sugilite: Dissolves negativity and helps one receive and spread Divine Light!

Rhodochrosite: Facilitates deep healing of our inner child and past life issues. It is a profound link with Love Energy…enhancing creativity and bringing through Joy.

Garnet: We have a variety of garnet to choose from. A few for description are: Rhodolite Garnet that helps with our emotional healing, self-worth and understanding spiritual truths; helping you to feel an abundance of Love. Spessartine Garnet is a powerful stone of attraction as it will ‘magnetize’ a lover, a new job, a creative project or anything in which your personal energy vibration matches. Almandine Garnet will dispel negative energies and attached entities. It will connect us to this earth and helps us to build our higher inspirations from the bottom up…creating the life of our higher vibrating dreams in this realm.

Pink Tourmaline: Promotes Love and emotional healing; helping to repair holes in our auric field from emotional wounds. Encourages one to become a Living Beacon of Love Energies!

You may find the gems pictured above at Lightworker’s Sanctuary. The Love Energies are coming through strong for us now. These beautiful gems will help you connect with these energies nicely! See you soon…      

Many Blessings!