DeAnna VandeZande is sharing a message with us…enjoy!

As I sit to write this, I ask for Divine assistance, as numerous topics are swirling through my mind, to the point of distraction. I find myself becoming a bit frustrated and am having difficulty focusing. One word keeps popping into my mind, Balance. I swat it away, trying to rein in my thoughts back to the issue at hand, but it comes back. Balance. I call upon Spirit and my guides once again, please help me know what topic to write about and quiet these other thoughts. Balance. I swat it away again…

Do you see where I’m going with this? Yes, balance is the topic that Spirit wishes us to be aware of… and as you may have guessed, this is a lesson I am learning as I type!  It seems I was so caught up in asking for an answer that I did not balance that with listening.  I kept talking over Spirit and missed the answer the first six or seven times it was given to me. This comes up in our everyday lives with everyone we come in contact with, but especially in our relationships with Spirit, family and then coworkers. We are so often consumed with the need to be heard that we fail to realize that often times not only have we been heard, but perhaps even understood! So, Spirit encourages you to talk, but then balance that with listening.

The need for balance goes beyond just this one area though. In fact, balance in every area is what we are ultimately striving for, though we may not realize it yet. Most of us live a hectic, fast-paced life, trying to manage careers, family and much more. We even push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in the name of physical and spiritual health, often crossing beyond the point of that which is even remotely healthy.  These bodies of ours have several requirements in order to continue functioning properly, one of these is rest. Rest is that special time when our bodies get to recover from the activities of our day.

The angels minister to us during this time, helping us work through spiritual and emotional issues that perhaps we are unable or unprepared to deal with during our conscious state. This is also the time they minister to our bodies, soothing the pains and discomforts from daily life. Your angels wish for you to balance your physical activities with physical rest.

Another area where I am reminded that we need balance is in navigating the relationship between our quest for spiritual enlightenment and carrying out the mundane tasks of our earthly lives. There are those of us who, with good intentions, carry out our earthly responsibilities with such dedication, that we often neglect to set aside time for Spirit and ourselves. Likewise, many of us have responsibilities that we often try to push aside and put off while we delve into things of the spirit. So, Spirit reminds us that while we have an earthly purpose and assignments to carry out, we must balance that with developing our relationship with Spirit and ourselves, as those two aspects of our lives are designed to work together, not independently.

I urge you to further explore areas in your life that perhaps could benefit from being brought back into balance. In all that you do, pause to ask yourself, what is the opposite and equal counterpart to what I am doing, thinking or feeling right this moment? Achieving balance is a process, and it takes time. All things are not going to be in perfect balance at all times, but achieving balance begins with awareness and is what aligns us with our Creator and brings us closer and closer to fulfilling our purpose.

DeAnna VandeZande