Collect Consciousness & AFGHANITE…

Our Collect Consciousness

Wants Us to Know

It is time to reach a Higher Level.

The work YOU do

Is Much Important

The Healing YOU do

Is required.

To Heal it takes Strength, Courage, and a Faithful Heart.

Know that YOU are not alone

YOU have much help

BE Patient with this process

Your process is just your own.

Your process is required for the whole of us

Collective Consciousness




We have the perfect stone for our task ahead…

We have a new stone and this one is powerful!!

AFGHANITE is a rare form of the sodalite mineral and got its name from where it was discovered: Afghanistan.

Afghanite vibrates at a very high frequency activating the Third Eye and Crown Chakra so you can see “problems” in a New Light.

Afghanite activates your unique psychic abilities to help you receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels. This mineral helps you become more conscious of the minor details in any environment and to understand the true meaning behind certain symbolism being depicted.

Afghanite connects you to higher energies and uses your body as a vessel to channel them down to Earth. It is here to assist your consciousness execute your consciousness’s desires and will use angelic energy to help accomplish its mission. This special crystal reminds us daily that we are not alone, and that the universe has a plan for each of us.

Afghanite helps you let go of control and realize your personal limitations are an illusion; bringing clarity to problem-solving by allowing the universe to help with solutions. Work with this stone and see yourself, your life, and all your life’s opportunities open to flourish you with unlimited potentials. This stone gives you the strength to face the unknown and supports you in your soul-journeying process.

Ways to use this wonderful natural Afghanite:

  • Place on your altar.
  • Hold it during meditation to activate your Third Eye… helping you to see more fully and clearly.
  • Place it on your desk or any place in your home to infuse your space with its power.
  • Place a piece in your pillowcase at night before you sleep. Your mind will become much more relaxed and will allow your consciousness to transcend easier.
  • Afghanite also eases pain and helps you sleep better. Place appropriately.

Stop in Lightworker’s Sanctuary and pick out your piece before they are gone!