Berena Wise is sharing her message from Soul Etheric Clearing Circle in February…

All have felt pain from something that happened in your live, and you have felt yourself a victim. The anger, hurt, and the pain felt very real.

From this pain you felt emotions such as blame and un-forgiveness. Much is said about forgiving, but IT IS, one of the most important things you need to do.

You may say to yourself, “it is not easy to forgive what was said or what has happened to me.”

But it actually is much easier than it seems. Being able to forgive others and also yourself is the only way the burden can heal and be removed from your present life and your records.

Un-forgiveness of something large or small, can grow and fester it soon becomes larger and larger taking over your thoughts and feelings. It can eat away at your heart, your emotions, and can if left to grow, cause disease in the body.

You do not have to say that what you feel someone did or said is

All right. That is really immaterial. You do it for yourself. Be willing to let that heavy burden be lifted from your shoulders and feel the freedom that comes from forgiving all that is concerned.

When in that space of hurt, allow the feelings to be there for a moment. Own them. Feel them. Then forgive and let them go for good, see them evaporating into nothingness. Forgive your self, everyone and everything.

Our Dear St. Francis of Assisi said, “Where there is injury let me sow pardon.”

Everything we feel has been done to us, is actually of our own creation. No one can do anything to you without your permission. So if you don’t allow the injury to exist any more, then it will not be part of your life.

If there is anyone or anything that you feel has hurt you in anyway, release them and release those thoughts. Get on with your beautiful life and put the past behind you. For nothing that has been before matters anymore, it is part of the past and it has no place in the present or in your future. Use your free will and let it evaporate from existence.

The Angels are always with you willing to take what you don’t need or want. Turn it over to them and let them take it from you. Peace will come when you do. Peace always follows forgiveness.

We are the Angels of Forgiveness,

Berena Wise