Berena Wise is sharing her message from 3/28/15 Soul Etheric Record Clearing Circle…

2015 Archangel Gabriel: Message from Soul Etheric Clearing Circle 3/28/15

You are one of high inspiration, selected specifically for this purpose. Do not doubt this and the authenticity of that which you deliver willingly to those around you.

You understand the necessity of these messages, for you are keepers of the Divine truth. This is the time to make such things known and to share with others our wisdom and teachings.

You can feel our energy around you and our vibration within you. We ask that you share with others the power and importance of their words and their vibration, and the sweetness or the bitterness, which they create in others…

We ask you all to become more aware and thoughtful of your intentions, your thoughts, and your actions. For without these, all the needed great changes in your world cannot take place.

Everyone is necessary in this divine plan, this coming together of the unity consciousness of love, the understanding and compassion for each other, that which overcomes all differences. You are all One in this grand plan for humanity.

Within your cellular consciousness is this knowingness and power. Use it to your advantage to spread love, kindness and forgiveness to yourselves and all others.

In this divine understanding, and in this focused realization, you will overcome your obstacles, and frustrations. Feel the truth of this. You have been made in this way. This is inherent within each and every one of you.

Now is the Time! Now is the time for readjustment, restoration, balance and harmony, and living your Divine Purpose. Creating the life you truly desire.

You will truly know this truth when you feel your heart center expanding with such great love you will know and recognize The God Presence within.

Remember to honor Mother Earth for she has taken such very good care of you, and has provided your foundation and sustenance. She is your keeper.  It is time for you to be her keeper.

Gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement for all her gifts will serve you and her well.

Remember the kindness and generosity you show to others will return to you ten-fold. All is accelerated at this time in space.

Learn to love with more ease and grace. Learn to forgive yourselves more quickly with compassion. The kindness you show to yourself will help you to spread and seed this love within others. Remember that now is the time for fruitful actions and thoughts. Only you as a collective, can bring the changes you want forward into your reality.

So, go forward without haste, and begin the creation of peace and unconditional love, joy, freedom and compassion for all. And know that you are one of many, sent forth to accelerate the reality of the New Earth and together you are invincible.

I leave you now with much love, I am your ever-present brother and Divine messenger. I Am Archangel Gabriel. Asking you to call to us often, and to place your trust in all of the Angelic Kingdom. We are here to be of assistance to you in your movement into Christ Consciousness.