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P’taah on Religion

Words of Wisdom from P’taah

from the book, “P’taah – The Gift”

Channeled by: Jani King

P’taah ~ Creator God of Ancient Egypt

 “That which you term ‘religion’ upon your plane has nothing to do with the Spiritual truths of the universes, which require no rites, rules or rituals.

Religion is a tool of enslavement to keep you in chains, to keep you in control, that you may not know sovereignty and free dominion.

It is valid. You have created it, but it is not necessary for your enlightenment.”


As Lightworkers and Spiritual Trailblazers, it is our Sacred work to lead the way in opening wider the path of Remembrance of who we are, where we come from, and the long forgotten and hidden Spiritual Truths and Knowledge which will lead to back to a fuller understanding and a wider perspective of our Reality.

It is also our Sacred Responsibility to be aware of the dangers along this Path of Re-Awakening. One of these hidden dangers is that of the possibility of the transference of the energy of Dogma, which if allowed to manifest within the field of our Re-Awakening to fuller understanding of our Reality and Universal Truths, holds the potential to set into place a “New Religion” based on our Re-Awakening.

The Human species has for many eons of linear time now, been held captive, to some degree or another, by the Energy Chains of Religious Dogma; so long now that it has become as an energetic gene set into our Spiritual DNA.

Although we should not desire to rid our Spiritual DNA of this gene, for it does and has served us in great purpose along the journey of Creating what is Human and existing within the Human experience, as we continue along the path of Re-Awakening and Remembrance we must not allow this ‘Spiritual Gene of Dogma’ to continue on in an active state of being. Instead as we work within the process of the rewiring of our Spiritual DNA into the form that will take us into the coming frequency rounds of Consciousness of Expanded understanding of Universal Truths our focus should be on that of the deactivation of this ‘Spiritual Gene of Dogma’.

To rid our Spiritual DNA of this gene would be to take away the experiences of learning knowledge vital to what has bought the Human species to the vibrational frequency in which we now exist. In essence, it would take away a fundamental and critical part of what has made us who we are as the current Collective Consciousness we exist as.

Within the frequency of which we the Human species currently exist we must also keep in mind that although rules, rites, rituals and ceremony are not necessary for our continued Spiritual Awakening process, they are nevertheless a large part of the experience of Humanity on Earth, and a valid and powerful tool for continued forward movement along our Spiritual path we have at our disposal. This knowledge and perspective is what we must keep at the forefront of our thoughts; that although no longer a necessity for our continued forward spiritual movement, rules, rites, rituals and ceremony are indeed valuable tools when used appropriately and kept in their proper place.

Let us learn from the wisdom of P’taah, the Creator God of Ancient Egypt and beyond, he who is said to have called the world into being by dreaming it in his heart and then speaking it aloud; yet let us also step into our Sovereignty as Creator Gods within our own right; equal to that of P’taah and all others known as Creators of Worlds.

IN-Joy I Share…

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras


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