Valenitne’s Day 2020…

For Valentine’s Day…How about creating your own Vibrational Dish of Yumminess!

We created one with several new stones that we just received:

Base Stone is Tumbled Selenite to anchor in those Divine Frequencies.

Scattered with Large Andradite Garnet-A Spiritual Stone of Self-Empowerment. Associated with the Base, Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. It dissolves feelings of isolation and attracts intimate encounters with others.

Beautiful little sparkly Eclogite-Balances Yin Yang Energies. Expands your subtle body, furthering your connection to Universal Energies & Recognition of All That Is. Eliminates negative emotions of fear, guilt, anger & blame. A wonderful spiritual growth vibration!

Topped off with Stone Hearts of Spinel in Biotite Mica-Creating New Hope and Victory…Re-Energizing All Levels of SELF. Assisting us in Channeling our High Self.

Stop in Lightworker’s and treat yourself to some Vibrational Valentine Medicine of Love…