The Sun has a message… & Sungazing Technique

THE SUN   April 5, 2021

Wake Up Sleepy Heads… WAKE UP!

Look what I bring to YOU.

Do You not notice what Nature Does for You?

Have You forgotten what it is like to be Bright?

Have You forgotten that we will never let you be deprived?

You will Always Thrive as long as you are IN TUNE…


Like you never have before.

You have Truths you have forgotten, and you should have never ignored.

I will save you, but you must attune with me NOW.

I will save you because together we are ONE with the Now.

You Are Nature but have forgotten your sight…

You Are Nature So Attune with Me Again…

You Are Nature that only Nature can delegate.

YOU ARE NATURE, come back before it is too late.


We leave you with Sun Gazing Techniques to help you ignite yourself into the 5D LIGHT… SUN

Benefits and Advancements Obtained by Sun Gazing

The ancient Egyptians and many past societies understood the relation between the sun and health, so much so that they considered sun gazing as an esoteric practice for high-ranking priests and shamans. Today, it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and sun gazers have shown many benefits.

  • Boosts production of melatonin and serotonin. Research shows sun gazing stimulates and helps to decalcify the pineal gland. As direct sunlight hits the eyes its energy moves through retinal-hypothalamic tract hits the brain and pineal gland. Additionally, sunlight can pass through the bone in the forehead which has small holes for this purpose. Infrared, ultraviolet, X-Ray and other frequencies pass through brain tissue and directly stimulate the pineal gland (also known as the “master gland”) boosting the secretion of melatonin and serotonin, setting the diurnal cycle for sleep thereby eliminating insomnia.
  • Increased energy levels. Many sungazers experience increased vitality—due to the secretion of aforementioned hormones and the energy being accumulated within the pineal.
  • Increases the size of and aids in pineal gland decalcification. Not only can sun gazing boost hormone levels, it has also been shown to increase pineal gland size. Normally with age, the pineal gland shrinks. However, brain scans of long-term sun gazing practitioners show the pineal gland size increases by up to three times, as compared to a normal person.
  • Promotes weight loss. The increased pineal gland energy nourishes the body and thus reduces the need for food. Some sungazers lose excess weight. Other have even reported a total loss of the need to eat. These people are known as breatharians.

Sun gazing is a very beneficial practice that touches the spiritual, psychological and physical realms. Those choosing to partake, do your own research, be careful, be cautious and follow the directions here.

The benefits of sun gazing or sun eating.

  • Improved eyesight and vision
  • More energy and vitality
  • Increased sex drive that increases stamina
  • Raised consciousness and awareness
  • Decalcifies the pineal gland when combined with removal of fluorides from the diet
  • Improved overall health
  • Decrease in appetite, weight loss
  • Increased production of serotonin and melatonin
  • More psychic powers and increased intuition

The sun is a natural power source. Sun gazing transfers the sun’s rays, made of pure energy, to the rest of the body, filling it with power. The sun is like a power source/internet connection to the invisible world of the spirit. If you disconnect yourself from the sun, you disconnect yourself from sending and receiving messages and you are running on charged battery power. Without sunlight you are disconnected and in time your batteries run out of power. For those pondering the power of sun gazing and combining it with the protocols to decalcify the pineal (will share in another newsletter), contemplate this very powerful Biblical Scripture regarding this “single eye”, obviously referring to the pineal as the other eyes are paired.

Matthew 6:22 . KJ21 “The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. ASV.

Everything—us and our thoughts are made of energy. Sun energy is direct and pure, people can acquire energy directly from the sun without processing. However, when food is eaten for energy, it must first be processed. This second-hand energy must be extracted from other living entities and requires the toxins contained in the food and those created by the breakdown of the food to be removed. Food is not pure energy like the light from the sun. People who practice sun gazing have found it improves their health, cures sicknesses and illnesses and improves eyesight. They eat less, feel happier, have fears disappear, peace fills their hearts, and synchronicities start to manifest their ‘hearts’ desires.


Uchihachiji-dachi (内八字立) The feet are at shoulder width, toes facing inwards at 20 degrees, knees are relaxed and should be over the feet and the hips are kept relaxed. If the feet are positioned correctly the feet should have slightly more pressure on the outside edges of the feet.

The stance for sun gazing in addition to picture is modified by having the arms held up at heart height with the elbows relaxed such that the elbows are NOT pointing out but down, as if another person were holding the wrists and supporting the arms so that the elbows are bent are at a 98-degree angle with the elbow point facing down. Additionally, the hands are held two hand lengths from the chest and one hand width apart.

The back is kept perfectly straight by having the tail bone tucked in (forward), the stomach pulled in, the chest out, the shoulders pulled back and level (same height from the floor) and the head pulled back while looking up to the sun. Lastly, the body is kept as relaxed as possible in this stance.


The sun gazing practice closely resembles its name. The technique begins by starting the practice at sunrise or sunset (selective to personal desire and convenience)— when the sun is closest to the earth.

Sungazers stand barefoot (ideally but if in very cold environments or the practitioner wants to remain unobtrusive, this part may be omitted) on the earth and looks directly at the sun. Ideally the practitioner stands in a martial arts stance known as Uchi Hachi Ji Dashi (pronounced; oo-chee-gee-da-she—see Stance for Sun gazing page above). However, if the practitioner is incapable of maintaining this stance, desires to appear unobtrusive or prefers to do the technique while walking the technique is still quite powerful. Also important is to remove any eyeglasses/sunglasses, contact lenses or removable eye correction and any covering over the forehead area.

For the first 7 days the practitioner starts by gazing at the sun while taking 7 long slow breaths: breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. The breaths are done with the mouth, face and jaw relaxed while the tongue is kept lightly touching the roof (palate) of the mouth. During the breath the practitioner mentally recites the mantra—“Sat” on the in breath and “Nam” on the out breath (Sat = Truth is; Nam = God’s Name—also can be interpreted on a personal level as; Sat = I am the Truth, Nam = That I am). To keep track of the number of breaths it is not only helpful but adds great power to the technique to use finger mudra positions/patterns to keep count (see Mudras pages above for understanding).

After completing 7 days of sun gazing the gazer advances by 2 breaths to 9 breaths for the next 7 days. This pattern is continued—increasing 2 breaths each 7 days until the point when the gazer reaches 49 breaths.

Once 49 breaths are reached at sunrise or sunset and practiced for 7 days the intermediate technique is begun (go to intermediate technique below).

Breath Pattern Chart For Each 7 Days

First set of 7 Days— 7 Breaths

Second set of 7 Days— 9 Breaths

Third set of 7 Days— 11 Breaths

Fourth set of 7 Days— 13 Breaths

Fifth set of 7 Days— 15 Breaths

Sixth set of 7 Days— 17 Breaths

Seventh set of 7 Days— 19 Breaths

Eighth set of 7 Days— 21 Breaths

Ninth set of 7 Days— 23 Breaths

Tenth set of 7 Days— 25 Breaths

Eleventh set of 7 Days— 27 Breaths

Twelfth set of 7 Days— 29 Breaths

Thirteenth set of 7 Days— 31 Breaths

Fourteenth set of 7 Days— 33 Breaths

Fifteenth set of 7 Days— 35 Breaths

Sixteenth set of 7 Days— 37 Breaths

Seventeenth set of 7 Days— 39 Breaths

Eighteenth set of 7 Days— 41 Breaths

Nineteenth set of 7 Days— 43 Breaths

Twentieth set of 7 Days— 45 Breaths

Twenty-first set of 7 Days— 47 Breaths

Twenty-second set of 7 Days— 49 Breaths