Serving The Light by Tamara Conner

There is no greater challenge and honor in life than to the serve the Light!  To be the vessel for Spirit/God to work through to soften the hearts of humanity!  To me, it is the greatest honor that anyone could hope for!  So how do we do this?  One step at a time, God will guide us and help us along the way.    If this is indeed our true heart’s desire. May we all have patience with ourselves as we travel along this path to become that Beacon of Light!

Let’s start with a few things to help us along on our path.  Staying present in your body is very important for many reasons.  Such as health of your body but most importantly, to get clearer messages from God.  Clearing out the old beliefs that no longer serve you and embrace the new beliefs of Love & Light! 

Let me also say, whether we serve the Light in a big or small way, It is all the SAME!  We all have our own individual part to do in this lifetime!  I ask you today to embrace the Light and all the Love we have across the veil.  There is so much support and help readily available to us.  All we must do is sincerely ask from our hearts. 

I write all of this today for encouragement and hope.  To let you know that one person with a Pure Heart can literally shift the consciousness of humanity!

May we all share our Love & Light to all who cross our path……

Tamara Conner

*Tamara is available for Angelic Light Healing and Telosian Sessions on the 1st Friday and 4th Sunday. If you are curious about her healing sessions come in and ask for a free sample!