Are you Fully Aware that you create your Reality with EVERY thought, word and action? With that in mind; you are birthing those energies into YOUR reality!

Listen to your story. What are you talking to people about? What are you constantly thinking about? That is exactly what you are creating for Your Self!

It is Time to Reclaim Your Power! Do not keep playing your same old story… keep adding more GREATNESS INTO YOUR STORY! YOU ARE YOUR OWN CREATION!!!

It Is Time to realize you are that MASTER CREATOR THAT YOU ARE! This is not easy as the old-world structure would love to keep us trapped in negativity. Pay attention to what you are focusing on. Is it helping you find solutions to living a fuller life in freedom? Or is it focused on keeping you in a state of negativity?

Many are noticing more Beauty around them…keep it up! Keep looking for and talking about and creating more Beauty in One’s Life! Taking all the proper steps to achieve this fuller more beautiful life based in freedom.

It is so important now as we are at this breaking point of leaving {if you choose wisely) one reality for another based in Beauty, Love, Compassion and Play! But to break free into this reality…one must be focused with positivity consistently!

Watch yourself in everything that your living! Be Who You Are Meant To BE…


And Only YOU can choose as no one can ever make your choice for you…only YOU!

We can and will help each other but it is important to understand that you must RECLAIM YOUR SELF!

This is what the New Earth is about… You Being YOU! And you are a very Powerful Creator!!! And don’t ever forget that…

Tips to help you upgrade your story…

  • Change up your routine
  • Look at people and smile
  • Make casual talk with someone new about the weather (that is something we all have in common)
  • Listen to a new song
  • Pick up some trash you see and put it in its proper place
  • Turn off all your electronics for a few hours if not a day or more (see how you feel)
  • Begin those steps into new projects
  • We must try new things to enter a new life and we don’t know what will work for us until we try new things…So begin today!

Keep changing things up…because Really…that is what life is all about!






* Note the commonality in all these tips…they are all positive. Just keep adding positive new traits into your daily routine and always look to change things up. Get that snowball a rollin’!…