Planetary New Year and The Lion’s Gate Energies…

Monday, July 27, 2021 was the Planetary New Year and Paula Baldock facilitated a small ceremony at Lightworkers Sanctuary. The Planetary New Year along with the upcoming Lion’s Gate is a perfect time to envision what you wish to create in your life the next year and beyond. Below is a summary of the ceremony, and we encourage you to have a small ceremony of your own.

Prior to the ceremony, Paula created a crystal grid in the center of the room (photo below). She then started the ceremony by reading an invocation to bless the grid. After that, she read a message she received from Archangel Jophiel. The attendees then took a few minutes to write down their visions and placed them inside the grid and placed a small crystal on top.

Following the meditation, Paula channeled a short message from Jophiel in which he encouraged each of the attendees to create their own grid at home and place their visions for our future inside the grid and leave it up until a few days after the Lions Gate on 8-8.

Message from Archangel Jophiel for the Planetary New Year Ceremony

Greeting, Beloved Ones. I AM Jophiel and I am so grateful for this opportunity to share with you some insights into how you can manifest your desires in this new Planetary Year.

The moment you stepped onto the spiritual path, you began tearing down the walls around your precious heart. Each time you questioned your reality and looked beyond what you could see with your physical eyes, conceive with your mind, or feel with your emotions and your 3D senses, you began to take down that wall, brick by brick, board by board. There are those among you whose walls were built of concrete or steel, so stuck were you by your perceptions, ideas and beliefs about yourself and your world. But nothing is insurmountable by your I AM Presence. Your continuing to question created a jack-hammer or a wrecking ball of deconstruction.

With each portion of that wall that has come down, more Light from the wisdom of your precious heart center has been able to seep out, giving you greater access to that Light within, that Divine Wisdom that resides within the sacred space of your Heart. And as time has progressed, more and more of that wall has collapsed and you become so filled with your Divine Light that you wonder how you could have held onto those old, erroneous beliefs for so long.

Still, there are remnants of that wall, but you are finding that with just a flick of your finger you can knock them completely out of your reality. That is exciting, for you as well as for us.

Now is the time! Now is the moment that you can step beyond all limitations, all fears, all old beliefs and programming. This Planetary New Year’s energy is in perfect alignment for you to create the life you want to live, the people you want to share that life with, and the world you want to live in.

All you have to do is to know it with your entire being. Feel into it. Visualize it, over and over again, each time with more feeling, more excitement, more joy-filled anticipation. By doing this, you are creating that life you desire in the higher realms. And each time you create that vision, you are increasing the frequency of it and the faster it will manifest into your reality on Earth.

So be expansive in your visualizations. Flick away the last remnants of that wall around your Sacred Heart and soar! Let your ideas be joyfully outrageous. Be playful. Be enthusiastic. Be excited. Feel all of the emotions that you can imagine feeling in this new life you are creating. Be HAPPY! Be HAPPY! Be HAPPY!!!

That is what we wish for you, to be HAPPY in every moment of every day!

We surround you with our Love and Light and are excitedly awaiting the days when we will be there with you, joyously sharing this amazing, dazzling New Earth experience with each of you.

AA Jophiel

Invocation for the Planetary New Year Ceremony, July 26, 2021

To begin this sacred ceremony, we call in our Beloved Archangels.

We invoke the Blue Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Michael and his Beautiful Twin Flame Faith. We ask Michael and Faith to give us the strength of will to remain firm in our vision.

We invoke the Yellow Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Jophiel and his Beautiful Twin Flame Constance. We ask Jophiel and Constance to give us the Wisdom to create our vision from the perception of our Higher Selves.

We invoke the Pink Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Chamuel and his Beautiful Twin Flame Charity. We ask Chamuel and Charity to help us to weave Divine Love into all of our creations.

We invoke the White Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Gabriel and his Beautiful Twin Flame Hope. We ask Gabriel and Hope to help us to wrap this vision within our Heart in a blanket of Purity and Divine Perfection.

We invoke the Emerald Green Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Raphael and his Beautiful Twin Flame Mother Mary. We ask Raphael and Mother Mary to consecrate our vision with the energy of Divine Purpose for the greatest good of all.

We invoke the Ruby-Gold Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Uriel and his Beautiful Twin Flame Donna Grace. We ask Uriel and Donna Grace to enfold us in Peace and Divine Knowing that our vision is coming into our reality.

We invoke the Violet Ray and call in Beloved Archangel Zadkiel and his Beautiful Twin Flame Holy Amethyst. We ask Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst to envelop our vision in the Sacred Fire of Transmutation so that when it manifests on Earth it will be of Divine Perfection.

And so it is.

We express our deepest Heartfelt Gratitude to these Beloved Archangels and all of the Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters who are here assisting us this evening.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.